Hangover cures, plus a morning-after smoothie recipe

Best Hangover Cure

This ultrahealthy smoothie helps you start your day off right. Apple and banana give the kale a flavour boost and make it totally refreshing. Recipe: Author: The Canadian Living Test Kitchen


Hangover cures, plus a morning-after smoothie recipe

Looking to cure a New Year’s hangover?

There are a few key ingredients that are known to help with the pounding head and listless feeling you wake up with Jan. Here’s what your body’s looking for when you’ve had too much to drink.

1. Water

Since alcohol is a diuretic, you lose tons of water when you’re drinking. Dehydration in the brain might be behind your headache, and dehydration is known for sapping your energy, so when you’re hung over, it’s important to drink up and replenish your body’s water.

2. Sodium

When you’re losing all that water through urination, you’re also losing electrolytes—most importantly, sodium and potassium. Low sodium can make you feel weak and tired, or even cause headaches and nausea. Coconut water is known to contain each of the electrolytes found in your blood, so it’s a great way to replace sodium and other electrolytes.

3. Potassium

Low potassium can result from loss of fluids and can cause weakness and muscles cramps. Make sure you’re getting some potassium the morning after drinking by eating a banana or some delicious home fries. (Potatoes are packed with potassium!)

4. Cysteine

This amino acid helps your liver go to work breaking down toxins left over from the night before. Luckily it’s found in eggs, so your morning breakfast will do the trick. Want a quick way to get your water and electrolytes? Make this smoothie, created by Jax Coco, 100 percent pure bottled coconut water.

Hangover Cure

  • 1 bottle coconut water
  • 1 large banana
  • 1 large kiwi 1/3 pineapple

Chop the fruits and blend with the coconut water. Add ice to chill. Or, are you looking to dodge a hangover before it hits? Cut back on how much you drink, eat lots before drinking and stay hydrated throughout the night.


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Hangover cures, plus a morning-after smoothie recipe