Hip, hip, hooray!

Hip, hip, hooray!

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Hip, hip, hooray!

Fitness expert Negrita Jayde joined Balance Television host Dr. Marla Shapiro to demonstrate three easy exercises for improving your hip curve. Now you can try the exercises for yourself.

Today we'll be working on the hip curve. Remember, your goal is to get all seven curves on your body; they're already there -- in remission -- you just have to cultivate them through shapeshifting exercises. When you do that you become the most visually attractive version of yourself.

Now when I mention working the hip curve some of you may be thinking, "If my hips get any bigger they'll attach a 'wide load' sign to my backside!" Rest assured, we are not promoting a size increase here. We are building gorgeous shape. The goal here is to beautify your hip curve. Firm it up, remove the fat, curve it out.

The hip curve is the largest curve on a woman's body. It's also your "sex stamp." Seen from a distance, it's the strongest indicator of which gender you are; believe me, this curve can make someone cuckoo with attraction. No wonder Botticelli's painting "Birth of Venus" or the "Aphrodite of Melos" sculpture all have the arc of the hip deliberately emphasized -- these artists knew that by way of a single outward swing of a line, the beauty was enhanced.

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Cossack Squats
The first shapeshifting exercise for the hip curve is easy and effective. You just hold your arms straight out in front of you, place your feet together, and lower yourself to below parallel. The arms act as a balance and prevent you from falling backwards. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions for this movement.

This is a great exercise because it is so direct. Remember, a weak hip curve makes your body look straight up and down. It can give you a "Tomboy appearance" and make your knees appear bigger. Also if you have big shoulders or a large chest, it will make you look "top heavy." So you definitely want to tone up your hip curve to achieve ultimate balance.

Swivel Hip Leg Extension
Achieve a comfortable position on your hands and knees and slowly take one leg and turn it out and then extend it behind you while keeping it in the turned out position. Do 20 of these with one leg before switching over to the other leg, for a total of 3 sets of 20.

For quickest results, keep your starchy carbs down after 3 p.m.; this way you'll tone up your hips and strip away any excess fat there.

Shortie Squats
Place your feet 6 inches apart with a slightly pidgeon-toed stance. Now to start this movement we begin right at the bottom. Now come up slowly only to slightly past parallel and then return slowly to go right back down, sitting on your calves in the bottom position. This is a great exercise to give your hip a complete curvy development.

Many women mistakenly think they have a good hip curve when in fact they have weak lower thigh development which gives the illusion of a hip curve in a false way. This is known as "turnip thigh" development. Shortie Squats stop this from occuring, or reverses it if you have turnip thighs.

Remember, to truly complete the feminine flow of your body, work the hip curve. Your partner will thank you for it.


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Hip, hip, hooray!