How to burn calories

How to burn calories

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How to burn calories

We all know in order to burn calories, we need to eat less and move more, but that's a pretty vague plan. How much energy do you need to cut out? How many more minutes do you need to work out?

We've put together a collection of our best – and most detailed – advice on how to burn calories. You'll discover the best 5 cardio workouts, plus tips to improve your form and maximize the efficiency of your workout. You'll also learn how to burn extra calories doing things you already love to do, like gardening or biking. Finally, we bust common metabolism myths and set you straight on how your body uses energy.

Photo gallery: 5 cardio workouts to burn calories

Work up a sweat with five fabulous aerobic workouts.

We know that physical activity is good for the heart and mind, yet cardiovascular disease accounts for more deaths in Canada than any other, according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Thirty-four per cent of all female deaths in 2002 were due to cardiovascular disease.

How to burn calories faster

Techniques to help you exercise efficiently and effectively.

"I'm frustrated! I have been going to the gym for two hours three times per week and I still haven't seen the results I desire. I am ready to give up – exercise doesn't work for me."

This is a very common complaint. Many people are finally committed to getting fit, yet after six months of trying they don't see the results they had hoped for. Is it possible that some people aren't exercising correctly?

Pump up your playtime

Whether you cycle, walk or garden, here's how to burn calories.

There are carefree ways to boost your activity levels: play more often and you'll lose weight; play harder and you'll improve your capacity for cardio and burn calories. Get ready to have fun with fitness.

Put pep in your walk  Pick up your pace. Increasing overall walking speed burns more calories in an hour.

Discover the truths and myths about your metabolism

Separating fact from fiction is the first step in learning how your metabolism can help you to burn calories.

When it comes to laying the blame for weight woes, metabolism makes a nice, easy – and vague – target. We know it has something to do with how we burn calories, and that having a fast one is "better," but beyond that, it's a little murky. So, what is metabolism, really?

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How to burn calories