How to get toned arms

How to get toned arms

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How to get toned arms

Have you ever thought twice about wearing a tank top or sundress because of the way your arms look? Could your upper limbs benefit from more strength training at the gym? We may not all have Michelle Obama's sleek physique, but the road to get toned arms is not as hard as it seems. With our easy advice on how to get toned arms, you'll whip those triceps into shape in no time.

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These moves will teach you how to get toned arms in just 20 minutes.

To start, sit up straight on a sturdy chair (a kitchen chair is great) with your feet flat on the ground. Hold a dumbbell in one hand over your head with your palm facing in and your elbow and wrist directly above your shoulder.

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Tired of arms jiggling when you wave? Wondering how to get toned arms? Your upper limbs can be one of the easiest places to tone. To get started, wear tank tops. If you're self-conscious about your arms and how they look, you probably steer clear of tank tops and sleeveless dresses. But that's not necessarily the best way to motivate yourself to shed that arm fat, says trainer Cat Smiley.

Expert advice on how to get toned arms

Do you want super-toned arms? Here's an easy exercise that will give you great arms in no time.

Since you rely on your biceps so much for lifting and carrying, there are several benefits to training them. First, as you strengthen them through weight training, you automatically strengthen your other arm muscles, which also work during the exercise. Second, strong biceps help prevent shoulder, neck and back strain. And third, they help you lift and carry with less effort, so activities such as holding your child and carrying groceries become safer and easier to do.

Triceps exercise: Triceps press-up

Firm your arms and reduce underarm jiggle with this triceps-strengthening exercise.

Strong triceps make many daily activities easier; you use your triceps to push yourself out of bed, off the floor and out of chairs, and they help boost performance in all the sports that rely on having strong arms. This exercise on how to get toned arms also helps improve shoulder strength and stability, and reduces underarm jiggle – it’s easy on the shoulder joint, too.

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How to get toned arms