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12 healthy days of Christmas

12 healthy days of Christmas

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Mind & Spirit

12 healthy days of Christmas

OK, you've got 12 days before the big day and there's so much to get done! But don't panic. Take a deep breath and read our Christmas countdown calendar to help plan and prepare for the hectic time ahead.

December 13
Get out the Scrabble board or another favourite game this evening. You may not get another chance for quality family time with party obligations and visitors popping by over the next few weeks.

December 14
Your feet are feeling the effects of marathon shopping trips and standing-room-only cocktail parties. Soak your tired tootsies in a footbath and pamper them with peppermint foot cream.

December 15
Get a head start on the upcoming family dinner by polishing the silver. Use a homemade paste of baking soda and water. Rinse well and dry with a soft cloth to leave your heirlooms gleaming and ready to impress the in-laws.

December 16
Turn off the TV early tonight and get a good night's sleep.

December 17
Pick up a red, white or pink poinsettia today to brighten your home.

December 18
Put on some rockin' holiday tunes and dance away those shortbread cookies with your kids.

December 19
Have your brood make personalized place mats for the extended family to use at the big meal.

December 20
Decorate a gingerbread house with your kids.

December 21
Take your honey for a drive around the neighbourhood tonight to see the fabulous spirit-lifting Christmas lights.

December 22
Inject a little magic (not to mention some fresh air) into your schedule with a sleigh ride for the family.

December 23
Treat your brood by going skating or tobogganing. You may just have the entire rink or hill to yourselves today.

December 24
Squeeze in one last visit to the gym before the big day. (Bear in mind, though, that it might close early today.)

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Mind & Spirit

12 healthy days of Christmas