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7 celebs inspiring our wellness practices

7 celebs inspiring our wellness practices

Mind & Spirit

7 celebs inspiring our wellness practices

Here's what Gwyneth, Beyoncé, Cameron and more starlets are doing to help themselves (and potentially you) physically, mentally and spiritually.

Ever since Jane Fonda released her workout tapes in the early 80s, we've been turning to celebrities for tricks for looking good, so we can do the same. Although they may not be experts in the wellness field per se, they do spend lots of time and money on exercising and eating healthy and have access to some of the top nutritionists, workout gurus and spiritual leaders in the world—so it's fair to say they could know a thing or two that we may not.

Beyond talking (and posting on Instagram) about their fitness routines and eating habits, celebrities are investing in wellness companies they love, creating their own lines of active wear and beauty products, adopting a sustainable diet and supporting mental health awareness.

Here's what seven famous faces are doing to help themselves physically, mentally and spiritually, and in turn, you.


Kate Hudson

Five years ago, the rom-com darling co-founded a line of leggings, sports bras and tanks, called Fabletics. It's a subscription-based company, so it sends customers new workout gear every month. Check out the site to subscribe and dress like Kate when you workout, and tap on Kate's Instagram page for videos of her workouts.


Cameron Diaz

While so many skincare brands claim to offer products that can save us from aging, which thereby suggest wrinkles, uneven skintones and sagging skin should be fixed, Cameron takes another approach—the actress is an advocate for embracing the aging process. She's penned two books, The Body Book and The Longevity Book, both are focused on caring for your entire body as it ages, and not just hiding or preventing the signs of aging. Her approach is more holistic than others and a lot more real—Cameron encourages women to embrace the stages in life (like menopause), tend to their mental health as much as their physical health and embrace a Mediterranean diet.


Zayn Malik

You might only know Zayn as an ex-boy band member or the on-again, off-again boyfriend of model Gigi Hadid, but he's also a huge advocate for men's mental health. As having suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for years (some hitting him so hard that he's had to cancel performances), Zayn has opened up about his troubles in interviews in hopes of encouraging other men to do the same—to talk about their mental health and seek the appropriate help.



Between being a mother, releasing hit after hit and touring on the regular, there isn't much Beyoncé can't do—and to fuel that drive, she eats a vegan diet. Two months before her Coachella performance this year, she announced her new diet on Instagram and invited all her followers to join her. And of course, Queen Bey doesn't just do any old vegan diet. Hers is called 22 Days Nutrition, a meal program she started with husband Jay-Z and trainer Marco Borges. With the program, the trio hopes to help others switch to plant-based eating too, both for their health and the planet's.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth's name might be the first one you think of when it comes to celebrity wellness, and rightfully so—she was one of the first to launch a lifestyle blog, goop, which is used to share interviews with doctors, fitness coaches and other wellness experts. She also invested in Juice Beauty, an all-natural skincare brand, and then launched her own clean beauty line, also called goop, in 2016. Although her wellness endeavours have received their fair share of criticism, Gwyneth has had tons of success with everything she touches. Her brand has expanded to produce wellness summits in the US and most recently Canada, where goopys have the opportunity to try wellness fads including having a crystal reading, receiving IV drips and so much more.



Bet you didn't know Champagne Papi was into drinking something other than bubbly, but he sure is. He loves matcha so much that he invested in MatchaBar, a New York-based startup that's focused on the antioxidant-rich, finely-ground green tea. Last March, he also confirmed that he gave up meat, and later suggested he went further and has eliminated dairy from his diet too. Inspired by Beyoncé and Jay Z, maybe?


Miranda Kerr

This Victoria's Secret angel is so much more than just a pretty face—she also studied nutrition and health psychology, which might explain why she's so interested in natural products. After experiencing different skin-care and makeup products throughout her modelling career, Miranda decided to create products that are sustainable and free of harmful chemicals but still perform just as well as the alternative. She founded Kora Organics, a certified-organic range of skin-care products that take care to protect both the outside and inside of our bodies.



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7 celebs inspiring our wellness practices