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Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Meaning and Interpretation

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Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Meaning and Interpretation

Sometimes abstract, sometimes obscure, dreams have fascinated people since the world began. To get the right interpretation of your dream, we invite you to consult this dream dictionary.

Why do we dream?

Nicole Gratton believes that there are several main types of dreams, all of which have a role to play in our development. Generally speaking, dreams are used to take stock of the decisions or actions taken during the day. They allow us to validate or invalidate the mission to be accomplished during the day.       

Why do we have recurring dreams?      
How do we know if we have had a premonitory dream?


What are the interpretations of recurring dreams?

Interpretation of the dream: losing one's teeth

The symbolism of the tooth varies from one person to another, depending on the context of life. In order to understand why you lost a tooth in your dream, you must take into account your life during the day.


Interpretation of the dream: cheating

When dreaming of infidelity, you must first give importance to the characters. According to the holistic approach, the characters in dreams allow us to play or experience roles, which differ from the image we have of ourselves.


Interpretation of the dream: being late

If you dreamed that you are late, it is not by chance. Dream expert Nicole Gratton puts her knowledge at your disposal to help you interpret this most common dream.


Dream interpretation: falling

If you dreamed that you were falling, there is certainly an explanation. If it is a dream, you must ask yourself what feeling you have when you fall. Is it a positive, negative or neutral feeling?


Dream Interpretation: Being Chased  

To dream of being pursued is not trivial: you must take the time to consider it, because its meaning will be heavy with significance for your life. This dream is meant to help you evolve or explore the strengths that lie dormant within you.

In short, no matter what type of dream you have, it is important to take into account the final emotion in order to properly interpret the dream.


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Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Meaning and Interpretation