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Effective energy boosters for an upbeat day

Effective energy boosters for an upbeat day

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Mind & Spirit

Effective energy boosters for an upbeat day

Whether you wake up groggy or are prone to a 2 p.m. slump, lack of energy can put a huge damper of your day. Experts agree that feeling sluggish can put your health at risk, drain your concentration and make the sweetest person a little tense. Luckily, having a lackluster energy level is a complaint that is typically easy to treat.

While individual needs can vary, health experts suggest most people need 7 hours of shut-eye each night. In addition to a full night's sleep, there are other natural solutions to help you feel energized. Take a look at 8 superfoods are being touted as proven energy boosters in the photo gallery below. You'll also discover 5 secrets of high-energy women, 8 exercises to awaken your body and mind, plus 7 pick-me-ups for long days at the office.

Photo gallery: Discover the top 8 nutritional energy boosters

Learn about 8 foods that will boost your overall health, make you feel great and help keep your heart in top shape. Plus, find free, easy recipes for each superfood.

Kale: A rich source of healthy nutrients – including beta-carotene, vitamin C, folate, iron, potassium and calcium. The calcium in kale is better absorbed than that in most other greens. It also helps you manage blood your pressure, while the folate protects against heart disease by helping to lower your levels of homocysteine, a protein associated with increased risk of heart disease.

5 secrets of high-energy women

Do-it-all women share their secrets for making it through the day.

There are some women that seem to be able to do it all, and even more annoyingly, do it all well. You see them in the grocery store chattering on their cellphone, a shopping basket in one hand, a happy, obedient child in the other. Considering the amount of energy it took for you to even make it to the grocery store in the first place, it just seems unfair. How do they do it? Where do they get their energy?

8 exercises that will boost your energy

Fighting fatigue? Check out these 8 energy boosters that will help you kick that sleepy feeling.

Nothing raises your energy faster and more effectively than exercise. The simple act of moving can jump-start your metabolic machinery. Recent research shows that exercise has a direct, immediate effect on energy – if you do nothing more right now than stand up and hop up and down for three minutes you will feel a surge of energy and you will feel more alive.

7 ways to boost your energy at work

Beat the midday slump with these simple tricks to raise your energy levels.

It’s 2:59 p.m. and you’ve just been hit by the midday office slump. Instead of reaching for another coffee, try something one of these easy energy boosters:

1. Close your door (or put up a sign on your cubicle) and do a 15-minute yoga routine. It’s a great way to energize and refresh.

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Mind & Spirit

Effective energy boosters for an upbeat day