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Gear to help you reach your healthy goals

Gear to help you reach your healthy goals

Gear to help you reach your healthy goals. Author: New Balance

Mind & Spirit

Gear to help you reach your healthy goals

Did you resolve to eat healthier, exercise more or live a more balanced life in 2016? Here's what you need to make it happen


Starting a new healthy habit is never easy, but having some fun gear or tasty substitutes for old indulgences can make working toward your goals a bit more enjoyable. Here are some of our picks to help you accomplish your healthy resolutions for 2016. 

Mango Turmeric Tea

For your goal to kick caffeine and reduce inflammation.
Mango Turmeric Tea, 50 grams, $7.50, davidstea.com .
This tea combines the sweetness of mango and the superfood turmeric for a bright yellow punch of flavour. Turmeric is seeing a huge surge in popularity as we learn about it's incredible health benefits in reducing inflammation, preventing cancers and protecting the brain. Getting all those benefits in one little cup is not a bad way to start a healthy new year!

Vazee Pace Protect Pact
For your goal to get moving.
Vazee Pace Protect Pack, $140, newbalance.ca
If you're going to hit the gym or start a running routine, you want to look good doing it. These beauties from New Balance come in the super seasonal colours of burgundy and navy, plus they offer extra protection against the elements to help you  keep running all winter long.

Everyday Super Foods

For your goal to eat healthy and cook from scratch.
Everyday Super Food, $38, indigo.ca .
Jamie Oliver’s simple approach to cooking fresh, whole and delicious foods (think Seared Tuna with Sicilian Coucous and Greens or Mega Veggie Burgers with Garden Salad and Basil Dressing) will help you stay inspired to cook healthfully all year long.
Graydon's The Putty
For your goal to get a healthier skin care routine. 
The Putty, 50 mL, $32, clinicalluxurybynature.com .
In the past few years, we've heard a lot of bad news about the chemicals in our cosmetics cases. If you've decided to make the plunge to feed your skin ingredients that are as healthy as those you feed your stomach, Graydon Clinical Luxury is a great place to start. This moisturizer, called The Putty, will be your winter skin saviour. Made with ingredients like aloe, honey, avocado and hemp, it's designed to soothe dry and irritated skin, even helping with more serious skin issues like eczema. 

Furiously Happy

For your goal to adopt a positive attitude. 
Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things, $31.50, indigo.ca .
If you want to look at life in a more positive light in 2016, this book is for you. In this memoir,  Jenny Lawson explores life with mental illness with a no holds barred uplifting take on life. You'll be laughing along to her hilarious anecdotes as you glean wisdom from the struggles she's overcome.

Deploy Run Gloves Deploy Run gloves

For your goal to get outdoors.
Deploy Run Gloves, $25, mec.ca .
You've heard enough about the benefits of nature to decide to move your workout outdoors, but how do you brave the cold of the Canadian winter? These microfleece gloves have overmitts that tuck away into a pocket on the back, so they’re a super versatile accessory for getting outdoors and getting active. Whether you're running, hiking or snowshoeing, you can easily switch from having extra wind protection from the overmitts to having free tech-friendly fingers to change the song on your smartphone.

Want more great gear to help you stay active in the cold? Check out our favourite gear and layering tips for winter workouts


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Gear to help you reach your healthy goals