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Horoscope: 2023 Year of the Water Rabbit

Horoscope: 2023 Year of the Water Rabbit

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Horoscope: 2023 Year of the Water Rabbit

In 2023, the Chinese New Year celebration will last from Saturday, January 21st to Sunday, February 5th. The week from Saturday, January 21st to Friday, January 27th will be a holiday.

According to Chinese astrology, the year 2023 will be the Year of the Rabbit, which will begin on Sunday, January 22nd, 2023 and will end on Friday, February 9th, 2024.

The Rabbit in Chinese astrology is a calm individual who aspires to tranquility, pleasant personality, tender and endearing, kind and patient. Generally, they thrive on routine and everyday life. Unexpected events, agitation, noise do not suit them. They seeks serenity in all things.

The Rabbit is a few words: 

  • Constant
  • Faithful
  • Benevolent
  • Discreet
  • Sociable
  • Calm
  • Serious
  • Routine

The cultural symbolic meanings of the Rabbit sign are closely related to the Rabbit's life habits, namely vigilance, wit, caution, skill..., due to the fact that the Rabbit is always ready to detect its environment with its hypersensitive ears and eyes. 

Just as an old Chinese saying goes, "guarded as a virgin, fast as a rabbit escaping", the rabbit will stay still when the wind blows and the grass bends, and it will run as fast as lightning if there is a real danger. Accordingly, the rabbit was used by the ancient Chinese to symbolize high alertness and skill.

To be more precise, this year will be the year of the Water Rabbit. This is the combination of the Rabbit, which symbolizes prosperity and peace, and the Water element, which is very adaptable and represents wealth in Chinese culture. 

The 2023 Water Rabbit Horoscope

According to tradition, the people of the sign in which the year is taking place will not be the luckiest during the coming months. 

However, 2023 will be quite favourable for Rabbits! Your ambitions will be rewarded with new opportunities and, if you are single, you could meet love. The only danger lies in unexpected expenses that could throw you off balance. Don't trust just anyone!

This year more than ever your sensitivity will be at its peak and will allow you to reach a better understanding of yourself, to discover your purest emotions.




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Horoscope: 2023 Year of the Water Rabbit