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Learn the tricks for ultimate holiday health

Learn the tricks for ultimate holiday health

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Mind & Spirit

Learn the tricks for ultimate holiday health

The holidays are a time for celebrating - with a tasty appetizer and refreshing cocktail in hand. Though the odd indulgence is fine, it's important to keep your health a top priority.

Here's a collection of our best holiday health articles on fitness, nutrition and wellness. The tips and tricks given by our experts will keep you feeling healthy and strong during this most hectic season of the year.

Let's get outside, Canada!
Let's get outside, Canada!
Your most nutritious holiday ever!
The festive season is soon to be upon us again, but don't run for ye olde elastic-waist pants yet!

10 ways to avoid holiday overindulgence
Avoid the icky "I overdid it" feeling with sensible ways to avoid too much festive cheer.

• How to avoid overeating at holiday parties
A nutritionist tells you how to celebrate without eating too much at holiday parties.

Quiz: Test your holiday nutrition smarts
'Tis the season of Christmas feasts. Do you know your good treats from your bad? Take our quiz and discover how nutrition savvy you really are.

Fight holiday weight gain
Keep your head -- and hips -- in check this festive season. Follow these simple strategies and you won't gain a pound.

Holiday fitness on the go
20 do-anywhere exercises to help you stay in shape throughout the holidays.

Staying active over the holiday season
Hit the new year running with 8 easy tips.

6 winter activities to fall in love with
Staying active in the winter is easy and fun. Grab your spouse and kids and head out on one of these exciting winter adventures.

Stress relief and general health
12 healthy days of Christmas
Count down to a healthy Christmas with these 12 days of healthy-living tips.

12 ways to stay healthy this Christmas
All too often, our health gets neglected during the holidays as the hectic Christmas season takes over our lives. But it doesn't have to be this way. Here are 12 ways to have a healthy Christmas.

Beat the holiday blues
The festive season isn't always a joyous time for everyone. Here's how to help a loved one who feels depressed get through the holidays.

Holiday scents that can help your health
Christmastime aromas often evoke sentimental emotions rooted in our past, but they offer many health benefits as well.

7 ways to reduce holiday stress
Discover helpful tips for reducing family conflict and stress during the festive season.

Enjoy the holiday season your way and stress free
7 ways to beat holiday stress.

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Mind & Spirit

Learn the tricks for ultimate holiday health