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New year's resolutions: Make yours last with expert advice

New year's resolutions: Make yours last with expert advice

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New year's resolutions: Make yours last with expert advice

If you've noshed, nibbled and over-spent your way through the holidays, it's normal to feel a little remorseful. And after an indulgent Christmas break, setting a resolution can be a refreshing idea – but once the confetti's swept away and January 1 rolls around, do you find you still have the drive for self-improvement?

We've gathered a list of the top three resolutions Canadian women make for the new year ahead: Getting healthy, saving money and improving their look. We've also included a must-read article penned by psychology expert Dr. Ian Newby-Clark on five simple strategies to make keeping your this year's resolutions easier than ever. So pick your area of improvement, read our tips and stay motivated – all year long!

5 easy health tips that will change your life

Overhauling your health is easy with these 5 fabulous nutrition tips. They're guaranteed to boost your energy and help you lose weight.

Let's face it: Life is busy. With all of our to-do lists piling up, undergoing a major health overhaul can seem a little daunting and unrealistic. The good news is you can take baby-steps that can dramatically improve your energy, reduce your waistline and help you burn unwanted fat. You can improve the quality of your life by putting the nutrition tips below into action.

How to save cash without even noticing

Boost your savings and cut debt by reducing your day-to-day spending. Here are 11 tricks to help you reduce expenditures and save cash.

We all know the most successful kind of diet is the one that leaves you feeling full and not counting calories. It's the one that becomes a seamless part of your daily routine -- the one you don't even notice after a little while.

9 fashion myths busted

It's time to break free of worn-out style myths and reveal the most fashion-forward you.

Many of the style rules women follow are outdated notions that can stunt the growth of our wardrobes.

Whether you were taught you should always match your shoes with your belt or that sequins are for nighttime only, it's time to shake off these tired misconceptions. If you go shopping with a long list of things that you "can't wear" in mind, the whole experience is going to feel daunting – and not much fun.

5 ways to make your New Year's resolutions stick

Most of us make them, and most of us break them. Here are tips to help make those New Year's resolutions stick.

New Year's resolutions. Most of us make them, most of us break them, and most of us are aware of what went wrong. Taking time to review what we know works best is the key to breaking the vicious cycle. Here are tips that research shows help make resolutions stick.

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Mind & Spirit

New year's resolutions: Make yours last with expert advice