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Secrets to living longer

Secrets to living longer

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Secrets to living longer

Living longer greatly depends on your genetic makeup: "If your relatives lived well into their 90s and beyond you're likely to live that long, too," says a 2005 health study. But don't depend on genetics alone to ensure you make it to a ripe old age.

Your lifestyle choices also play an important role in lengthening your lifespan. We've compiled a collection of articles to help you make wise choices and lead a more balanced, healthy and long life!

1. Practise preventative medicine
10 health symptoms you shouldn't ignore
Find out about 10 warning signs you shouldn't ignore. It could save your life.

Taking brain health to heart

Find out how a heart-healthy lifestyle may prevent brain disorders.

Small miracle
The new birth control pill could be the silver bullet in your health-care arsenal.

12 ways to prevent breast cancer
You can significantly reduce your risk.

Evade the silent killer
Learn how to lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of stroke, heart disease and kidney disease.

How to prevent osteoporosis and get stronger bones
Lower your risk of osteoporosis and get stronger bones with these helpful nutritional strategies aimed at improving your overall health and well-being.

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2. Get lean and stay fit
Photo gallery: Get fit with 4 easy at-home exercises
Build strength and look great with this easy unilateral workout.

Check out our Fitness channel for more simple and effective ways to get and stay fit.

Get inspired to begin your own fitness makeover by the moving words of Kathy Salmon Farstad about her Whole Life Makeover project.

Educate yourself on healthy eating with articles from our Diet File channel

GI-friendly foods
Find out the glycemic index of some of your favourite foods and try five low-GI recipes.

101 ways to cut fat from your diet
Who wants to count grams of fat? Lowering your fat intake is easy and delicious with these tips.

Tested-Till-Perfect menus and recipes
Dine and DASH
Keep your hearty healthy with our anti-hypertension recipes.

Veggie pleasures
Fall in love with the taste of vegetables cooked in the healthiest way.

28 days to a healthier you
Eating well is like having a savings plan for health.

Drink and dash: Speedy smoothies
Kick-start your day by whipping up one of our power-packed smoothies.

Healthy economy: Budget-friendly family meals
Enjoy delicious and healthy family dinners for about $15.

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3. Keep your mind active
Mindful walking
How bringing meditation techniques into your daily walks can keep you well grounded.

15 ways to live longer
Check out our easy age-busting tips.

Meditation basics for instant stress relief
Feeling stressed? Learn some meditation basics that'll help you train your brain to relax.

How to add 7 years to your life
Want to live longer? Here are easy ways to add 7 years to your life.

Keep your mind and hands busy with our fabulous Crafts.

5 life-nurturing reasons to have a hobby
Explore the benefits of making time to pursue your interests.

5 steps to a longer life
Give your health a giant boost with small changes you can make one step at a time.

Rediscover passion
Overcome feelings of emptiness by exploring your personal passions.

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4. Don't worry be older
Living better through laughing
A laugh a day can keep the doctor away.

Discover the power of positive thinking
A confident, upbeat approach to life can lead to living longer and healthier.

Eat to beat the blues
Folic acid can prevent depression --- here's how to increase your intake.

Where are your blues coming from?
Take this quiz to identify where your sadness is coming from.

Stressed? Remember this
A new study reveals that prolonged exposure to stress may contribute to memory loss.

A more positive you
Talk yourself happy with five self-esteem building steps.

Master stress
11 surefire tips for keeping your cool.

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Secrets to living longer