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Self-Care Ideas Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Self-Care Ideas Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Mind & Spirit

Self-Care Ideas Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Show yourself some love with these self-care rituals based on your zodiac sign.

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed is a sign that you need to slow down, awaken your spirit and bring yourself back to life with some self-care rituals. Because each person is different, there is no one-size-fits-all formula to feel better.

Plan your next day of self-care with these zodiac-inspired ideas.

Aries: High-intensity workout


You're probably feeling a lot of pent-up emotions lately, so why not sweat them all out during a good, high-intensity workout session? Hit the gym near you, or book a fitness class you've never tried before to get those endorphins going.

Taurus: Pamper yourself


As the most indulgent sign of the zodiac, you'll benefit from a day of total pampering. Use this as an excuse to book the massage you've been putting off or treat yourself to a facial.

Gemini: Visit a bookstore


Geminis may be curious and witty social butterflies, but sometimes even your social battery is drained. A great way to reset your mind and find some new inspiration (for discussions) is to pick up a good book and spend the day reading. Your knowledge-seeking nature will thrive in the process.

Cancer: Run a bath


Cancers are sensitive water signs, so a gentle self-care activity like a warm, luxurious bath will do you a world of good. Light a few candles and use this as a time to stay off your phone. You'll get out feeling refreshed!

Leo: Channel your inner artist


Alright, Leo, it's time to get your hands dirty! As one of the most creative signs of the zodiac, your energy can truly benefit from expressing yourself. Pick up an art project you can focus on for a day (or however long you wish), such as jewellery-making or painting.

Virgo: Declutter


Our environment reflects our inner world, so take this as a sign to declutter inside and out. Throw away what no longer serves you and use this opportunity to deep-clean your house. You'll think more clearly afterwards.

Libra: Take yourself out on a date


We know you love romance, Libra, but it's time to show yourself the love and attention you seek from others. Take yourself out on a romantic (solo) dinner, movie, or visit to the museum.

Scorpio: Journalling


Scorpios tend to have overthinking tendencies and complex inner worlds, so you'll benefit from writing down all your thoughts on paper (or in your notes app) to help clear your head.

Sagittarius: Dance it out


You're a firecracker, Sagittarius, and your self-care ritual should represent that! Get your friends together and head out for an evening of dancing. Alternatively, book that dance class you've been eyeing for a while.

Capricorn: Sleep in


Capricorns are hard workers and tend to forget to rest, so this is us reminding you of the importance of sleep. If you can, take a day off and catch up on the hours of sleep you've been neglecting lately. Don't forget to turn off your alarm!

Aquarius: Yoga


Whether it's hot yoga or yin, in a class or at home, this practice will help calm your mind and ground your spirit. As an air sign, sometimes you need a reminder to keep your feet on the ground.

Pisces: Psychic night


Indulge in all things mystical and magical, Pisces! Get together with your friends and have a fun night of reading tarot or birth charts.





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Mind & Spirit

Self-Care Ideas Based On Your Zodiac Sign