Diet File: Sodium

Diet File: Sodium

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Diet File: Sodium

Diets that are high in sodium have been linked to hypertension, or high blood pressure, which is a key risk factor for heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. Anyone with hypertension should restrict their sodium consumption. You can start by avoiding packaged foods, refraining from adding salt when cooking and keep the salt shaker off the dining room table. Below are some useful links to help you.

Salt and Hypertension

Canadian Hypertension Society

Dieticians of Canada
Just type Sodium in the search engine and you'll find suggestions for lowering your sodium intake and a long list of alternative seasonings to keep your food tasting great.

Help on lowering or preventing high blood pressure including lowering your sodium intake and a chart with specific instructions on using the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet.

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Go to the Healthy Living section, click on Healthy Eating and read the article on Sodium. Go to the Healthy Living section, click on Risk Factors and read the article on Blood Pressure. This will include information on the DASH diet, the DASH-Sodium study and much more about high blood pressure, including its dangers, lifestyle and dietary changes that help prevent it and medications used to fight it.


Salt Free Life
A membership-based Web site, this portal does provide one free monthly no-salt recipe.

Recipe Source
You can find some sodium-free recipes here, including Craig Claiborne's No-Salt Chili Con Carne, No Salt Barbeque Sauce#2, No Salt Seasoning and a Salt Free Salad Dressing. The site also boasts some low-salt recipes, including Diabetic And Low Sodium Pound Cake, Low-Fat, Low-Sodium Substitute For Cream Of Chicken Soup and Chili Powder (Low Sodium). Use the site's search engine to find more low- or no-salt recipes.

Open Directory
Here you'll find links to a dozen sites providing low- or no-salt recipes.


National Institute of Nutrition
Loads of links and information to help you maintain a healthy diet.

Remember: When considering lifestyle and dietary changes it is important to consult your physician.


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Diet File: Sodium