How healthy is your diet?

How healthy is your diet?

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How healthy is your diet?

For some women, it can be one of the worst four-letter words that make up our vocabulary:  Diet.

It conjures up images of boring salad greens and cabbage soup-related mishaps. Dietitians are quick to say moderation is key to any woman's diet -- a statement that's easy to make until you settle down to watch Glee with a fresh bag of chips. To help make it easier, we've collected our top nutrition advice to help you start and maintain a healthier diet.

You'll read about five nutritional mistakes you could be making that are guaranteed to sabotage your healthy diet goals. Conversely, you'll discover five must-have nutritional superstars you'll want to incorporate into your meals more often. Plus, find out which common diet rules you should ditch and learn how to pick the heathiest options on a menu.

Photo gallery: 5 surprising small things that can ruin your diet

It's not always a binge on chocolate cake that ruins your diet. These small habits could be sabotaging your healthy diet efforts.

It's a scary thought, but even something as benign as your chewing gum habit could be packing 100-plus calories onto your daily diet. Similarly, other lifestyle choices like keeping your home super-chilled or wearing sky-high stilettos could be contributing to your lack of diet success. If you're looking for small ways that, cumulatively, can make a big difference in your diet and fitness success, read on.

Top 5 must-have foods for every diet

Read about the five foods you should add to your diet.

There are literally hundreds of healthy food items that should be part of your diet. However, certain foods offer more nutritional bang for their buck. While I am always wary of news reports that claim a specific food is a “cure all”, there is no denying that specific nutrient-dense foods are higher in antioxidants (which help neutralize free radicals that cause disease), minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals.

10 diet rules to ditch

Exclusive advice on what diet rules could be ruining your weight-loss efforts.

Mistake no. 1: Eating only low-fat foods. This strategy could actually sabotage your weight-loss plans and make you pack on pounds. "If you have too little fat, your body will sense it and hold on to the little fat that you do eat," says Dr. Joey Shulman, a registered nutritionist and best-selling author who runs weight-loss clinics in Toronto.

How to eat healthy when dining out

Great tips for picking the best options at restaurants and fast-food outlets.

Go online before you dine. People consistently underestimate the calories, fat and sodium in a typical restaurant meal. Don't make that mistake. Most restaurants today, especially fast-food outlets, coffee houses, and doughnut shops, provide full nutritional information for all of their products on their websites.

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How healthy is your diet?