Nutrition facts you need to know about

Nutrition facts you need to know about

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Nutrition facts you need to know about

Obesity may be on the rise, but many Canadians appear to want to change that. In fact, some of our top-read articles on are geared to healthy eating, antioxidant-rich foods and proven weight-loss tips. It seems like as our figures grow, so too has our appetite for credible nutrition facts and healthy-eating tips.

Since it's hard for the average eater to stay up-to-date on the dietary breakthroughs, we've compiled this list of the top nutrition facts you need to know about.

Discover 8 ways to change your diet to boost your health, learn the top 5 must-have superfoods for every diet, and find a 28-day menu of healthy Test Kitchen recipes to enjoy in this collection of healthy eating advice.

Photo gallery: 8 nutrition facts that will help boost your health

Know these 8 nutrition facts to help you adjust your diet for optimal health.

There is so much to know when it comes to food and nutrition isn't there? Becoming a savvy label reader, eliminating refined flours and sugars from the diet and making sure your reach your daily quotient of omega 3 intake! With all of this information, what to eat for optimal health and disease prevention can seem a little confusing. In truth, nutrition is an enormous field which is constantly brimming with updated research, scientific health discoveries and new and improved health products.

Top 5 must-have foods for every diet

Read about the five foods you should add to your diet.

There are literally hundreds of healthy food items that should be part of your diet. However, certain foods offer more nutritional bang for their buck. While I am always wary of news reports that claim a specific food is a "cure all", there is no denying that specific nutrient-dense foods are higher in antioxidants (which help neutralize free radicals that cause disease), minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals.

Nutrition facts: Hormonal health and weight loss

Chemical messengers hold the key to a healthy body. Find out how to make them (and you) happier.

It seems that lately, everywhere you turn you see the latest diet "shtick" guaranteeing quick and easy weight loss. From counting points to restricting calories to eating grapefruit and dropping bread, there is no shortage of books, tapes and programs to help guide you on this journey. Curiously, even with a multitude of weight loss and nutrition facts to choose from, over 60 per cent of the North American public continues to be overweight or obese. This begs the question – is the weight loss industry a billion-dollar industry because it's working, or because it's not?

28 days of healthy recipes

Eating well is like having a savings plan for health.

An eat-for-life strategy from nutrition guru Fran Berkoff and 28 days' worth of recipes from the Canadian Living Test Kitchen.

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Nutrition facts you need to know about