Snacks that boost your energy

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Snacks that boost your energy

Carbohydrates are the brain's main source 
of energy. Try these snacks for a healthy energy boost between meals.

1. Apples or pears: These original fast foods are sources of carbohydrates and vitamins. Although vitamins don't provide energy, they play a crucial role as coenzymes in the metabolism of carbohydrates.

2. Low-sodium vegetable juice or 100 percent fruit juice: While water is remarkably refreshing, juices add variety, and they're a quick source of energy. Even slight dehydration can spell fatigue.

3. Yogurt and crunchy whole grain cereal: Kick-start your day with this for breakfast.

4. Almonds: Best eaten raw and unsalted, almonds have healthy fats that can help you feel full longer.

5. Quinoa: Offering a complete protein 
and complex carbohydrates, this highly nutritious grain (which is technically a 
seed) will help keep you going until your next meal.

June Matthews, registered dietitian and associate professor in the department of food and nutritional sciences at Brescia University College in London, Ont.

This story was originally titled "Fix It In Five: Energy Boost " in the April 2013 issue.

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Snacks that boost your energy