What celeb are you like, foodwise?

What celeb are you like, foodwise?

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What celeb are you like, foodwise?

Do you eat like troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan or fit mom Jennifer Garner? Are your dietary habits more like health food nut Christy Turlington, or hard-living Kate Moss? Take our fun quiz to find your celeb foodie soul mate, then read on for the same advice we'd give them, if only they'd listen.

My idea of a coffee break is
1. Coffee and a danish
2. Starbucks latte and banana bread
3. Diet Coke and a cigarette
4. Green tea and almonds

My ideal Sunday brunch routine is
1. Bacon, eggs, home fries and buttered toast, coffee, orange juice and a good book
2. An egg-white omelette, multi-grain toast with low-fat cream cheese, fruit slices, latte, and the New York Times
3. Mimosas and…more mimosas. And fun friends to rehash last night's club-hopping with
4. Muesli and yogurt, fruit salad, chai tea latte, apres yoga class

My dietary vice is
1. Anything crispy, salty and deep-fried
2. Chocolate bars
3. I don't have one -- I'm all about self-control
4. Dark chocolate

I take my coffee
1. Double double (or triple, triple)
2. Regular
3. Black
4. I don't drink coffee

I buy my groceries at
1. Big chains where I can find national brands at great prices, like CostCo, Walmart, No Frills etc
2. Upscale supermarkets and specialty-food boutiques
3. A convenience store near my work
4. Local farmer's markets and, in the winter, organic food stores

My food motto could be best summed up as
1. “Health food may be good for the conscience but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better,&" Robert Redford, actor
2. “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.&" British writer Virginia Woolf (1882-1941)
3. “It was kind of boring for me to have to eat.&" Kate Moss, model
4. “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.&" Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, French lawyer, politician, writer (1755-1826)

I like my steak
1. Well-done
2. Rare or medium-rare
3. I don't eat steak
4. I eat tofu instead of steak, and I like it in variety of ways

My favourite types of restaurants are
1. Buffets, Italian-American, Chinese-Canadian
2. Japanese, Italian, Thai
3. One with a good bar
4. Vegan raw-food, Southern-California spa-style, Asian fusion

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If you chose mostly 1s: Regular Jane
Your tastes run towards the familiar and comforting. Celebs like Lara Flynn Boyle (a cheeseburger lover, though we don't know how many she eats, given how skinny she is), Britney Spears (Cheetos, Doritos, and fries) and Eva Mendes (pizza, beer, fast-food takeout), reportedly share your hankerings.

First, be aware that you need to mix things up a bit, and by that we mean, try hard to work some colour into your diet. Nutrient-dense green veggies like broccoli, green beans and spinach, plus bright yellow or orange peppers, carrots, and red tomato are essential, and ease up on the refined grains (switch from white bread to whole-wheat bread, for instance) for optimum health.

If you chose mostly 2s: Trendy eater
You've got a yen for healthy eating and yuppie-ish passion for your daily Starbucks run and eating out at trendy restaurants. Jennifer Garner, Nicole Kidman and post-breakup Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore are some celebs who share your food profile.

For the most part, you eat well, but restaurants do tend to use more butter and salt than nutritionists recommended, so when dining out, order light, exercise portion control (aim to take one-half of your meal home in a doggy bag since resto portions are usually extra-large), and get salad dressings on the side.

If you chose mostly 3s: Food-fearing party girl
You're a wild child in the Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie vein. Food doesn't seem to be a high priority for you, and while this may keep you in size 2 clothing, it's not ideal for your health.

Go to Canada's Health Guide and click on “Create My Food Guide” to create a personalized eating plan, to help get your recommended servings of fruit and veg, whole grains, meat and alternatives and dairy and alternatives. Eating right will not, repeat not, make you fat. TIP: Sushi and vegetarian restaurants are two trendy, healthful and low-cal options to try.

If you chose mostly 4s: Health nut
Like Gwyneth Paltrow, Christy Turlington, and – believe it or not – Clint Eastwood (a committed tofu- and fruit-loving vegan), you're a whole foods-ista; you eat healthfully and eschew trashy convenience foods in favour of fresh veggies and fruit (probably organic), nuts, and natural grains. We don't really have much advice to give you, except to say: nutrition is all about balance. It's about fueling our bodies to stay healthy, but also, indulging every so often so we're happy, too. So if soy tirimisu beckons one night, don't feel guilty about treating yourself to dessert!

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What celeb are you like, foodwise?