Why apple cider vinegar is so good for you

Why apple cider vinegar is so good for you

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Why apple cider vinegar is so good for you

Vinegar is an ancient elixir that has been a wellness staple since the days of Hippocrates and continues to be used as a modern-day remedy.

The Lowdown

Apple cider vinegar is made from fermented apples. Choose the raw, unfiltered kind, in which you'll find the "mother," strands of beneficial proteins, enzymes and gut-friendly bacteria that give the liquid a cloudy appearance.


The Benefits

Rachel Bies, a Toronto-based holistic nutritionist, shares some of cider vinegar's nutritional highlights.

  • Cider vinegar's prebiotic compounds add friendly flora (good bacteria) to your gut, facilitating digestion and aiding vitamin and mineral absorption.
  • It contains potassium (an electrolyte that helps keep sodium levels in check) and magnesium, which helps boost energy levels and calm nerves.
  • Cider vinegar ranks low on the pH scale, and once consumed, it has an alkaline effect that acts as a balancing agent. Aim for a healthy pH by eating more alkaline foods (vegetables and grains) than acidic ones (meat and cheese).


Add it to your beauty routine

Treat your tresses to a deep-cleansing treatment featuring this zippy vinegar.

1. Lustrous locks
Restore shine to your do without any lingering vinegary scent. DPHue Apple Cider Vinegar Leave-In Hair Therapy, $37,

2. Crystal clear
Gently clean your hair and scalp, removing gunk and hydrating your mane. AG Hair Balance Apple Cider Vinegar Sulfate-Free Shampoo, $28,

3. Shine on
Remove buildup while reviving shine with this clarifying weekly treatment. John Masters Organics Herbal Cider Hair Clarifier & Color Sealer, $29,


Incorporate it into your diet

Use apple cider vinegar to make a vinaigrette for your salad. Try our recipe for Trout Salad with Cider Vinaigrette.






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Why apple cider vinegar is so good for you