Prevention & Recovery

4 Tips to Embrace Healthy Living

4 Tips to Embrace Healthy Living

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Prevention & Recovery

4 Tips to Embrace Healthy Living

If there’s one certainty as we navigate through life, it’s that we’ll hit some bumps along the way.

Getting sick is a definite bump that we can’t always dodge. Sometimes, illness is unexpected and unpreventable but what about those health issues that are within our control? Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease, and cancer are among the main causes of death around the world; these chronic conditions are largely influenced by the lifestyle choices we make.

The silver lining? Each year, more and more Canadians are investing in a proactive, preventative, and holistic approach to their health. Embracing this commitment begins with the individual but to truly set yourself up for success, you’ll need to consider a larger network of care. Friends and family are important supporting players as is a health insurance plan that aligns with your goals. This fall, Manulife, a long-time favourite for Canadians’ health insurance needs, is announcing a new add-on for all CoverMe health and dental plans to support your journey to better health. Let’s have a look at some key steps in designing a wellness plan and how Manulife Vitality can be an invaluable support on your journey to better health.



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Here are four tips to assist you in designing a healthy living strategy:


1. Make the commitment

The first step in your game plan is making the commitment to prioritizing your health. Part of this process should involve self-reflection: taking stock of the things that you are already doing to stay healthy as well as acknowledging where there is room for improvement such as unhealthy habits, poor diet, and/or a lack of physical activity. Manulife Vitality, a new technology-based platform from Manulife, offers a variety of ways for you to learn about and improve your health including health assessments that you can complete. It is also useful to consider your ‘why’: avoiding getting a chronic illness is a given but wanting to have more years to spend with family members or being able to travel or partake in other adventures well into your later years of life may be part of your motivation, too. Finally, you should write your commitment down somewhere to make it both tangible and visible.


2. Try out new wellness activities and practices and find your ‘fit’

There are so many practices you can choose in designing your healthy living routine. You may already know what you prefer: be it a cardio-machine-and-weights gym routine or fitness classes or outdoor adventure activities. Maybe it’s time for something new like aerial yoga or returning to a childhood favourite like getting back into the pool. It’s also important to factor in other self-care practices. If you haven’t yet embraced meditation, you can download a smartphone app and begin with a short practice of just a few minutes a day. Treatments such as massage, often covered by your health insurance benefits package, are also valuable as part of a larger, holistic health program. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, Manulife Vitality can also assist you in choosing simple activities like eating well and exercising. And remember, it’s important to listen to your body in this process to truly find what fits.


3. Build your support team

Embracing a healthier lifestyle can be difficult and the great news is you don’t have to do it alone. Having supplementary health and dental insurance—in addition to your provincial healthcare services—is a no-brainer but it is also important to consider how aligned your health insurance provider is with you and your goals. For example, the Manulife Vitality program was created because Manulife believes insurance should help people be their best, healthiest selves… and to be rewarded for it. The company is on its own journey to help make 100 million people more active by 2025. The result: a platform that allows your health insurance provider to support and rally beside you, providing you with fun rewards for being engaged and making healthy choices.


4. Take small steps and be kind to yourself

Enthusiasm is great… so is jumping into something with gusto. However, the aim here is to create a sustainable life shift so you will be well-served to ease your way in and take small steps. Smartphone apps that log or track progress towards goals as well as a daily journal practice are great tools in keeping us accountable to ourselves and reminding us how far we have come. Manulife Vitality has a helpful feature which provides personalized weekly goals to strive for. Finally, it’s important to be gentle and kind to yourself as you adjust to your new, healthier path.


And there you have it, your tip-sheet for taking charge of your health including how Manulife can help. Feedback on the Manulife Vitality program includes that the majority of members have had a positive experience, with many saying the program helped them become more physically active.

So, if you’re ready to make Manulife Vitality a part of your commitment to living life as your healthiest self or want to find out more, visit:


Good luck and good health on this exciting, new journey!


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Prevention & Recovery

4 Tips to Embrace Healthy Living