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Canada's drug benefit plans

Canada's drug benefit plans Image by: Author: Canadian Living

Prevention & Recovery

Canada's drug benefit plans

Each province and territory in Canada has their own drug benefit program to help with the cost of prescription medication. In most cases, an application must be processed in order to find your deductible, co-payment and other costs associated with the drug plan. Some provinces have multiple programs for specific groups of people such as seniors, individuals needing social assistance and those with illnesses including Crohn's disease. Below is a list of Canada's drug benefit programs by province.

Alberta Health contracts Alberta Blue Cross to offer three different coverage plans: non-group prescription drug coverage (under the age of 65), coverage for seniors (age 65 and over) and palliative care. Find out which one is best for you here.

British Columbia
Pharmacare has several drug plans to help residents pay for their prescription drugs, the largest being Fair PharmaCare Plan. Find more information here.

The Pharmacare program's yearly deductible has a $100 minimum and no maximum. Your deductible is calculated once your application has been processed. For more, visit here.

Newfoundland & Labrador
The province's prescription drug program is divided into five groups, each having its own prescription drug coverage. Click here to see if a drug is covered.

New Brunswick
New Brunswick's prescription drug program has 10 different beneficiary groups. You can find more here.

Northwest Territories
The Health Care Plan covers all prescription drugs under the Health Canada Non-Insured Healthcare Benefits (NIHB) list. For more, visit the department of health and social services here.

Nova Scotia
Pharmacare pays for all prescription drugs and devices listed in their formulary, which covers drugs from five different programs. To see which drugs are covered, click here.

Nunavut's Health Insurance program offers an Extended Health Benefits (EBH) to those with specific illnesses. For more info, visit here.

The province has six different programs that cover more than 3,800 prescribed drugs, as well as some nutrition products and diabetic testing agents. Find out more here.

Prince Edward Island
Residents must fill out a Pharmacare application to learn the specifics about co-payment and other costs. For more information, click here.

In most cases, those covered with a public plan pay a yearly premium (anywhere from $0 to $579), regardless if they have purchased prescription drugs or not. Learn more about the province's drug insurance policy here.

The province's plan is comprised of several different programs tailored to the needs of residents. Find more information here.

Benefit programs, including one for children and one for those with a chronic disease, are delivered through Insured Health and Hearing Services. Find out more here.


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Prevention & Recovery

Canada's drug benefit plans