Prevention & Recovery

Everything you need to know about breast health

Everything you need to know about breast health

Author: Canadian Living

Prevention & Recovery

Everything you need to know about breast health

Trying to find relevant articles about breast cancer prevention, symptoms and treatment – without all the medical jargon – can be a daunting task. Not to worry! We have compiled our articles on breast health for you. From self-exams to coping with cancer we have tons of information for you from some of Canada's top health experts.


• 12 ways to prevent breast cancer
How you can significantly reduce your risk.

• Breast self-exam guide
The best way to examine your breasts and what to look for.

• The Canadian Living complete breast guide
From breast-feeding to sports bras, we've got you covered.

• Mammography: 4 things you must know
All you need to know about mammography.

• Mammograms made easy
It's quick and painless – and can save your life.

• Ask Your Family Doctor... about Women's Health: Mammograms
Mammograms are an important way to check for signs of breast cancer.

• Vitamin D helps prevent breast cancer
The sunshine drug showed well in a recent Canadian study.

• Lifestyle can halt cancer progression
Moderation may act as prevention and cure

• Foods that fight cancer
Discover rising culinary superstars according to the latest in biochemical research.

• How to cope when you need a mastectomy
One woman's story on how she dealt with her mastectomy and got to keep her breast.

• 9 myths about chemotherapy explained
How chemotherapy really works

• Yoga for breast cancer
Research shows that a regular gentle practice can improve survivors' quality of life.

• Breast cancer: How much should I tell my children or grandchildren?
Learn how to inform and comfort your kids when you're battling cancer.

• How to help loved ones with cancer
A cancer patient shares how she would like to be treated and supported by friends and family as she faces her illness.

• When your mother has breast cancer: Kalan Porter’s story
Canadian Idol Kalan Porter's world changed overnight when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Their courageous voyage has been filled with love and learning for mom and son.

• Canadian Living salutes: Kelly Shires
She led the pack in helping women with breast cancer.


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Prevention & Recovery

Everything you need to know about breast health