Prevention & Recovery

Expert dental health tips for the whole family

Expert dental health tips for the whole family

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Prevention & Recovery

Expert dental health tips for the whole family

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Did you know that optimal dental health has a large impact on your overall health status? You might be surprised to learn that how you care for your mouth can play a major role in disease prevention. Good oral hygiene habits can help keep oral cancer, diabetes, heart disease and pneumonia at bay.

Not pracitcing proper oral hygiene? Never fear. We'll help you get your dental health back on track in no time. Take your health in your own hands and read on for expert oral health tips for you and the whole family.

Dental health tips for everyone

How oral hygiene affects overall health
Good oral hygiene has a huge impact not only on the health of your teeth, but on your body’s overall well-being, too.

5 reasons why you should floss
Want to stop your gums from bleeding? How about save money on your dental bills? Start flossing.

Care for your pearly whites
Keep your smile sexy with our dental hygiene tips.

How to eliminate bad breath
Some simple tips for fighting halitosis.

Simple tips to protect your teeth
A healthy set of teeth is an important indication of our overall health. However, our teeth can easily become damaged by otherwise innocent indulges such as fresh berries and carbonated drinks. Here are some useful tips to help you protect your teeth.

8 ways to lower your next dental bill
Oral health is extremely important, but maintaining it can be costly. Keep your next dental bill low and your mouth healthy by following these eight simple preventative measures.

7 steps to healthy teeth and gums
The quality of your smile can speak volumes during first impressions, so it's important to make sure yours is healthy and bright. Our expert tips help you keep your teeth and gums in tip top shape with these seven easy steps.

Brushing up on good oral hygiene
Find expert tips on how to prevent tooth decay and gum disease with these easy oral hygiene tips.

How to treat mouth ulcers and canker sores
If you've experienced a canker sore you know how painful they can be. Read on to find out how to treat mouth ulcers and canker sores. 

3 great teeth whiteners for a brighter smile
Brighten your teeth and give yourself another reason to smile. These three teeth whiteners will suit any budget and are easy to use for the best pearly whites possible.

Straight teeth for less: Braces and orthodontics
Expert tips on getting the best deal on braces. Plus, learn how to find a good orthodontist.

Dental health and your kids
Orthodontics and kids: What you need to know about braces
There's no one schedule for wearing braces that works for all kids. Here's what Canadian orthodontists want parents to know.

8 tricks to get your kids to brush their teeth
Having a hard time teaching dental hygiene to your children? Here are some fun games and techniques you can use to get your kids to brush their teeth properly.

Tips for keeping your kids teeth healthy
Practical advice for promoting proper dental health at home.

Pet dental care: Tips and tricks for your furry friend
Pet dental care: 9 tips for healthy teeth
We make taking care of your pet's teeth easy with 9 expert dos and don'ts.


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Prevention & Recovery

Expert dental health tips for the whole family