Prevention & Recovery

Health secrets from people around the world

Health secrets from people around the world

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Prevention & Recovery

Health secrets from people around the world

From a woman in Florida:
"I try to work out in the morning before work because there are too many excuses that I can use to avoid it after work. If I do it first thing in the morning I know that I'll fit it in for the day and not come home after a long day of work and feel too tired to go. Plus, it's not looming over my head all day if I get it out of the way. Instead, I feel good about myself because I got up early and got it in. Also, I can make plans after work without feeling guilty for bailing on the workout."
Kara Rosner

From women in Mexico:
"Every morning, even before my cup of tea, I eat a spoonful of honey straight out of the pot like a bear! It is a natural antibiotic and great preventative of all ailments great and small yet doesn't taste like medicine. I was once told if I did this I would never get ill. I don’t know if it is psychological but at worst I might have a cold for three days of the year."
Lara Rodriguez

"Avoid the sun and always, always use sunscreen! Embrace eating foods with healthy fats, such as nuts, avocados and olive oil. Avoid meats if at all possible. I opt for fish over meat."
Marion Sosa

From a woman in South Africa:
"BREATHE... If the thought of meditation leaves you frazzled and wondering where to begin, try to observe babies breathing. Take deep breaths in, extending the rib cage and tummy and exhaling with your focus on flattening your tummy. Work today is often demanding and stress levels 10 repetitions of this focused breath before going to bed, or when you get home from work, and you should feel a bit better. Also, remember to drink loads of water. These two elements are imperative to our existence and yet we don't give them their due."
Nadah Jones

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From a man from Ireland:
"My number one health tip is: walk everywhere possible! Since work is a 35-minute walk from home, I try to walk home every day, and I mean every day. It's good basic exercise, limbers me up after sitting all day, helps me unwind and decompress after a day's work, and is a good way to stay trim. I used to hate walking, but nowadays I really look forward to walking and if don't get a walk every day I really miss it."
Mick Timony

From a woman from Japan:
"Last summer I started “water fasting” – drinking only water and/or tea (non-caffeinated) for 36 hours  – once a week in order to lose some weight, which I put on right after I started living with my boyfriend (just got married last month). I successfully lost about 10 pounds in three months. It also lowered my blood pressure, changed my diet (you crave more vegetables and fruits), and reduced my eating portions. Now I try to do it once every two weeks or when I feel like cleaning/resetting my system. It also makes your skin nicer and younger-looking."
Reiko Kuroda-Le Bihan

From a woman in England:
"Try to exercise in some way every day, but don’t push yourself too much. Our energy levels vary daily, so when you feel a little tired, remember some fun exercise will liven up the body and mind and release endorphins to make you feel happier! Vary the exercise, too. Yoga is the best, followed by swimming, cardio and occasionally a few weights. Classes are even better as you are having fun with other people around."
Louise Brady

From a man from France:
"I moved from France to the United States eight years ago and was afraid of the consequences of a drastic diet change. I haven’t put on a pound since I moved by following a few very basic rules: 1. Eat a variety of different foods from around the world; 2. Avoid restaurant-size portions; 3. Eat at regular hours; and most important, 4. Take a 30-minute break to enjoy your food. You should be able to eat cheese, creamy dishes and pastries without worrying about calories."
Jean-Patrick Le Bihan

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Prevention & Recovery

Health secrets from people around the world