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Why toothpaste made with natural ingredients is effective and good for the environment

Natural toothpastes: how are they effective?

Prevention & Recovery

Why toothpaste made with natural ingredients is effective and good for the environment

It’s been said that the future belongs to hygiene products that respect the environment. So it comes as no surprise that natural toothpaste has been gaining major traction over the years. And with reason! Scientific tests have proven their effectiveness and worth.

Mother nature knows what she’s doing, and she provides us with everything we need to stay healthy. Natural toothpaste can help you maintain proper oral hygiene thanks to natural ingredients such xylitol (found in birch bark) and papaya extract.

And that’s what led the microbiologist Alain Ménard and the biochemist Karen Clark to found Green Beaver. Scientists by profession, they applied their expertise into creating non-toxic skin and hair products for the whole family.

Now the Ontario-based company, leader in the manufacturing of green hygiene products, produces toothpaste that not only deeply cleans, but also protects against cavities, helps fight plaque and tooth sensitivity, protects the enamel, and whitens!

And it has nothing to do with magic. Everything is developed and tested according to rigorous scientific standards, free of any and all chemicals. Green Beaver toothpaste is vegan, animal-friendly, biodegradable, GMO and gluten-free

And its ethical character doesn’t mean it under-performs in any way: this toothpaste cleans, helps with sensitivity, fights cavities, protects the enamel, and whitens to boot! Plus, it is made entirely from scientifically proven ingredients found in nature.




Here are four of the natural ingredients used to make Green Beaver toothpaste 

Xylitol as an excellent alternative to fluoride

In traditional toothpaste, fluoride is used to help prevent cavities. However, too much fluoride can be toxic, and it isn’t recommended for children under the age of six.

At Green Beaver, all toothpaste is fluoride-free. Instead, the company uses xylitol, a naturally sourced ingredient that helps protect the enamel, maintain your mouth’s pH balance, lower acidity, and stimulate saliva production.

Alain Ménard, president of Green Beaver, goes on to say: “Studies show that xylitol fights bacteria that causes cavities. And it’s 100% natural, seeing as it is sourced from birch bark.”

Hydroxyapatite to protect tooth enamel

Enamel is the thin, solid layer that covers the surface of your teeth. Over time, it can erode due to acidity levels, food, and certain medications. And because it doesn’t have the ability to regenerate naturally, it can lead to oral health problems. Which is why it’s so important to take care of it.

Hydroxyapatite, which is made up of phosphate and calcium, is a natural ingredient that can fight enamel erosion and help remineralize teeth. So opt for a naturapeutic toothpaste that lists it in its ingredients!

Potassium nitrate to reduce tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can be really painful. For some people, consuming beverages or food that are acidic, hot, or cold can be intolerable. Even air coming into contact with their teeth can hurt. Something as simple as flossing or brushing their teeth can lead to discomfort.

In such cases, choosing toothpaste for sensitive teeth is crucial. But no need to opt for chemical-laden products—natural alternatives do exist!

“Potassium nitrate is a natural solution that can help with this kind of problem. It’s a mineral that helps desensitize exposed nerves. Which means you can brush your teeth without feeling any pain or discomfort,” assures Mr. Ménard.

Papaya extract to help brighten your smile

We all want whiter teeth, but not if it means having to hinder our oral health with harmful chemicals. But good news! Mother nature has everything you need to brighten that smile!

Green Beaver natural toothpaste uses an exotic fruit to help with teeth whitening: “Papaya extract acts like a small knife, scraping away stains caused by food and cleaning every nook and cranny,” explains Mr. Ménard.

With scientifically proven results in just three days, these teeth-whitening, all-natural toothpastes really stand out from the competition!

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Feel like making the switch to natural? Discover Green Beaver’s full range of naturapeutic toothpaste, available in a variety of flavours:




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Prevention & Recovery

Why toothpaste made with natural ingredients is effective and good for the environment