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How to use Mercury retrograde to your personal benefit

How to use Mercury retrograde to your personal benefit

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Prevention & Recovery

How to use Mercury retrograde to your personal benefit

Between the glitches with your Uber rides to the reemergence of your exes, you're probably counting down the days until Mercury straightens itself out again. But there are a few ways to ease the pain caused by the Swift Planet being in retrograde and actually come out on top. 

Three or four times a year, there’s a period of a few weeks in which our patience (and sanity?) is put to a serious test. Some may attribute these trying times to the weather, time of year or perhaps the current political climate, while us astrology-enthusiasts are quick to point the finger at Mercury retrograde.

Here's the backstory: Due to the way our planet orbits the sun, a few times a year Mercury appears to be moving backwards across the sky. Since the planet is known in astrology as the ruler of communication, technology and travel, the retrograde causes these areas of your life to go haywire, leading to confusions, delays and frustrations. Mixed up the AM/PM in your phone calendar and missed an appointment? Have an ex who sent an unsolicited "remember me?" text? These are the artful workings Mercury retrograde is famous for.

But it’s not all bad — the retrograde can be the time to reflect on the past few months, reunite with old friends and review elements of your life to ensure you’re on the right path.

To help you navigate through and utilize the powers of this complicated time to your personal benefit, I caught up with Ophira Edut of the AstroTwins (after one failed attempt due to a miscommunication, naturally) to learn the best ways to defeat the challenges that are bound to be thrown at you. 

RR: How can we prevent tech troubles from causing us some serious grief?
OE: As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as the saying goes, so efforts to prevent mishaps are essential. It’s best not to invest in new technology. During the retrograde, you could regret buying a new phone or laptop or buying or leasing a car. If you can, wait until the retrograde is over. When it comes to your existing technology, it’s best to back it up as soon as possible — ideally, before the retrograde, or at least as soon as possible. Remember: This is the time when your hard drive mysteriously erases itself, or you lose all the contacts in your phone, so be proactive!

RR: Aside from buying new technology, what else should be postponed until Mercury Retrograde is over?
OE: If possible, wait to sign contracts. This, of course, can be tricky, as you can’t always wait three weeks to sign a contract. If you can’t postpone it, thoroughly review all documents, do your research and read the fine print. 

RR: What tips do you have for glitch-free travelling?
OE: Again, prevention is key. Leave extra early and make sure you take the time to plan the entire trip precisely. Read all the reviews of the places you’re going to stay at, eat at and visit. Check the refund policy of these places. Buy travel insurance, and pay the extra amount to insure your bags. Make sure your passport isn’t expired. These are the kinds of things that can happen — even though we know better — during Mercury Retrograde.

RR: Why do exes always seem to reappear during the retrograde?
OE: Exes, old friends and old colleagues are notorious for re-entering your life during the retrograde. Let’s look at the word “retrograde” — the prefix “re” means to go back, to do again, so anything that starts with “re,” such as a reunion or a repeat, is to be expected. If you have unresolved issues or business with someone, the retrograde can act as a force that helps you tend to those matters so you can move on to that new relationship or job with a clean slate. A lot of people get freaked out when people from the past return, but it’s an opportunity to make sure you aren’t dragging baggage along with you to the next experience.

RR: What’s the best way to deal with those who re-enter your life?
OE: Be cautious! Sometimes a retrograde is an advantage. Perhaps you had chemistry with someone, but the timing was wrong — you were in the wrong place in your lives. During the retrograde, the timing could be right, and it’s like a second chance. But you should proceed with caution and not get too excited. Make sure the same things that were deal breakers the first time around aren’t still there.

RR: How can we use Mercury in Retrograde to our advantage?
OE: It’s a great time to press pause on anything new, catch up on your current work and reflect on the past. It’s also the perfect time for a trip — particularly a return to a place you’ve gone before. Reconnect with old friends for a reunion or revisit a place you love. Mercury Retrograde is like a spring cleaning, so refresh areas of your life — update your online profile and revitalize your living quarters. 


Looking to take Ophira's advice and take a trip? Make it easy and book with Expedia...just be sure to get travel insurance and have a valid passport.


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Prevention & Recovery

How to use Mercury retrograde to your personal benefit