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It’s Feel-Good February! Who’s Game?

It’s Feel-Good February! Who’s Game?

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Prevention & Recovery

It’s Feel-Good February! Who’s Game?

Join us in implementing a personal wellness goal for the month and you could win a fabulous prize that'll have you feeling good.

Ah, February––why does the shortest month of the year always feel like the longest? To get us through winter’s final stretch, we’d like to start a wellness challenge: Feel-Good February.


Here’s how it works:

Think of a simple wellness goal that you’d like to implement for the month (and possibly hang on to afterwards). Think: Drink a big glass of water before having your morning coffee; take a probiotic; follow up on that long-overdue dentist appointment; try out one new vegetable each week; meditate. The key here is small and achievable! 

To get you inspired, we asked Canadian Living staffers about their personal goals for the month. Here’s what they said:

Jacqueline Howe, publisher: “I’d like to eliminate bread from my diet. While away during the Christmas holidays, with no bread and less sugar for the week, I noticed the inflammation in my knees substantially reduced.”

Erin McLaughlin, editorial director: “I’m going to drink one big glass of water before having my morning coffee.”

Elaine Song, digital content director: “I will track the good choices I make, and how these decisions make me feel. My hope is that making thoughtful decisions and being mindful of their impact will go beyond the month and become routine, like how regular exercise leads to a better appetite, less unhealthy cravings and better sleep.”

Suzanne Moutis, executive editor: “I’d like to cook one meatless meal a week.”

Sara Cation, senior features editor: “I will drink a gallon of water every day.”

Amanda Etty, features editor, health and fitness: “I’m committing to stretching for at least five minutes every day.” 

Renée Reardin, senior digital editor: “I’ll be mindful of my posture, especially while sitting at my desk.”

Mary Levitski, features editor: “I’m going to take 10 minutes to just chill when I get home from work and before my son gets dropped off from daycare.”

Alexandra Donaldson, fashion and beauty editor: “I’d like to meditate five days a week.”

Marianne Davidson, editorial assistant: “I’ll take a quick break from working to climb the stairs in our office building three times a week.”

Sarah Dziedzic, editorial assistant: “I’m going to work on my pushups. Starting with 12 at a time and working my way up 20.”

Sarah Big Canoe, associate art director: “I’m consuming less added sugar and cutting out coffee and wine.”

Genevieve Pizzale, production specialist: “I listen to psychology podcasts on my morning commute to get my brain thinking and learning about a subject that can help me in my everyday life, rather than mindlessly listening to music all the time.” 

Joshua Marquez, videographer: “I’d like to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Also, I’m going to reincorporate more probiotics and fermented foods in my diet.”

Cheryldean Peters, editorial intern: “I’d like to hit the gym three times a week, and drink at least one litre of water a day.”

Debbie Madsen Villamere, copy editor: “I will remember to take a daily multivitamin with breakfast (which also means: Don’t skip breakfast, even when I’m super-busy on deadline). Also, I have to remember to do my leg stretches at my desk.”


You in? Here's what you could win:

Canadian Living will do weekly check-ins on Facebook and Instagram to regroup, share any successes or setbacks and hold each other accountable to these fun, feel-good goals. And if feeling great isn’t motivation enough, at the end of the month, the following prizes will be up for grabs:

You could win a Saucony running kit, including shoes and apparel (approx. value: $400). This top-notch jogging gear will have you starting off spring on the right foot.

Another lucky person will receive a prize package (approx. value: $250) of essentials for feeling and looking your best from beloved online wellness shop is our go-to for natural skin-care products, non-toxic cleaning solutions, vitamins, healthy snacks, baby gear and much more. 

And another Feel Good February winner will receive a Weleda prize package (approx. value: $135), including goodies from its Arnica Rest and Revive collection for post-exercise TLC, and its cult-favourite Skin Food moisturizer. Weleda was founded in 1921 by philosopher and scientist, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, as a pharmaceutical laboratory in Switzerland with its own plant garden. Today, Weleda is known around the globe as a world-leading manufacturer of NATRUE-certified natural beauty and personal care products based on the belief that when we are in balance, our energy, vitality and beauty shine.   

How to enter:
1. Facebook: Comment on our #FeelGoodFebruary Facebook posts. Throughout the month we will be posting about our challenge and asking to know what your Feel Good goal is, too!

2. Instagram: 
Share your Feel-Good February challenge on Instagram using #FeelGoodFebruary and tagging @canadianliving.

Three winners will be chosen at random from the #FeelGoodFebruary Facebook comments and Instagram posts on March 1, 2018.  ​​​


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Prevention & Recovery

It’s Feel-Good February! Who’s Game?