Prevention & Recovery

Swine flu and you

Swine flu and you

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Prevention & Recovery

Swine flu and you

As of June 24, the Government of Canada has reported 6,732 cases of human swine influenza: 243 in British Columbia, 605 in Alberta, 626 in Saskatchewan, 517 in Manitoba, 2,665 in Ontario, 1,660 in Quebec, four in New Brunswick, 117 in Nova Scotia, three in Prince Edward Island, 27 in Newfoundland, one in the Yukon, six in the Northwest Territories and 258 in Nunavut.

To date, 423 hospitalizations and nineteen deaths have been reported among laboratory-confirmed cases.

It’s time to stay calm and review this advice on how to stay flu-free and healthy:

Swine flu declared a pandemic
After teetering on the brink of pandemic status since late May, the World Health Organization raises its alert level on the influenza A/H1N1 virus, officially designating it the world's first pandemic in more than 40 years.

Swine flu is spreading
What can we do?

Expert tips on staying flu-free
How to stay healthy this season, plus 4 ways to get your kids to wash up.

How not to spread the flu
Expert advice on how to avoid spreading or getting infected by the flu virus.


Foods for a healthy immune system
Be sure to regularly include these all-star defence players in your diet.



Hand sanitizers: Benefits and limitations
How they work, when to use them and when to stick with old-fashioned hand-washing.

Am I too sick to go to work?
Learn how to decode your symptoms and when it's best to stay home in bed.


Protect your family from superbugs
Learn about superbugs from a family who battled a deadly disease. Plus, find out how to keep your family safe.

Canada's latest vaccination schedule
Depending on your province, some vaccines are covered by provincial health insurance and some are not. How do you choose? What's important? Here are updates, common diseases and their recommended vaccines.

Prevent the spread of illness from animals to people
They may be cute and cuddly, but beware your pets may also spread germs.


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Prevention & Recovery

Swine flu and you