Prevention & Recovery

Your ultimate guide to cancer prevention

Your ultimate guide to cancer prevention

Author: Canadian Living

Prevention & Recovery

Your ultimate guide to cancer prevention

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Cancer fighting foods
How to create a diet rich in cancer-fighting foods

Learn how to set up the perfect diet to help prevent cancer, without giving up those savoury and sweet flavours you love.
cancer prevention
Photo gallery: How to fight cancer in your kitchen

Did you know your diet can affect your odds of getting cancer? Here are powerful foods that can help prevent cancer.
Healthy and delicious cancer-fighting recipes

Incorporating these key foods into your daily life wil significantly lower your risk of developing certain cancers. Fish, nuts, leafy vegetables, and berries all have preventative components and thanks to our Test Kitchen's recipes, they're as tasty as they are healthy.
How to help a friend with cancer

A cancer patient shares how she would like to be treated and supported by friends and family as she faces her illness.
breast cancner prevention
12 ways to prevent breast cancer

Learn expert tips on how you can significantly reduce your risk of breast cancer.
ovarian cancer
Ovarian cancer resource guide

A backgrounder on ovarian cancer, plus book and website recommendations for further reading.
colorectal cancer
Colorectal cancer: Symptoms, screening and treatment, plus one family's story

Here's all you need to know about colorectal cancer. Plus, find out how one family dealt with a diagnosis of colorectal cancer.
breast cancer
Breast self-exam guide

The best way to examine your breasts and what to look for.
Mammograms made easy

A mommogram is quick and painless -- and it can save your life.


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Prevention & Recovery

Your ultimate guide to cancer prevention