5 Ways To Wake Up Easier And Start The Day Right

5 Ways To Wake Up Easier And Start The Day Right

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5 Ways To Wake Up Easier And Start The Day Right

Lack of light, cold weather, accumulated fatigue—the list goes on and on of reasons why it's hard to wake up in the morning.

Luckily, there are a few simple tricks you can try to make waking up easier and start your day with an overall more positive tone.

1. Stretch

Does your body feel stiff when you wake up? Our muscles and joints cool down during sleep since we're immobile for so long, which can lead to stiffness. Taking a few minutes to stretch as soon as you get out of bed is a gentle way to wake up your body.

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2. Listen to music



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It's a proven fact that listening to music is good for the soul. If you want something energetic to wake you up, choose songs with at least 50 to 80 beats per minute. If you're a bit anxious in the morning, choose something calmer, like classical music. Music you enjoy will boost your levels of dopamine, which in turn calms stress hormones and is beneficial for your blood pressure.

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3. Dare to take an ice bath

The benefits of ice baths have long been discussed, but we understand that not everyone will want to jump in a cold bath or shower first thing in the morning. For a gentler alternative, try washing your face with cold water. We also recommend running very cold water over your wrists (where your main arteries are located), which will calm your whole body. 

4. Stay hydrated

Coffee is often our beverage of choice when we wake up in the morning, but it's actually better to start your day with a glass of water. After fasting for several hours, our bodies are in need of rehydration. Does plain water sound too boring? Jazz it up with slices of lemon, cucumber or a few mint leaves.

5. Natural fragrances



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A number of studies have shown that natural scents have a significant positive neurological effect. Consider what mood you're in when it comes to choosing room fragrances—lavender and its relaxing effects are ideal at bedtime; citrus, on the other hand, will give you a boost to start the day. Rosemary is said to stimulate mental energy and memory functions. The scent of pine (very popular in winter) helps reduce mental fatigue, promote concentration and clear the head.

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5 Ways To Wake Up Easier And Start The Day Right