We tried it: Endy, mattress-in-a-box

We tried it: Endy, mattress-in-a-box



We tried it: Endy, mattress-in-a-box

We tried ordering a mattress online from Canadian company Endy.

Getting a good night's sleep is at the top of all of our to-do lists, right? Which means investing in a good mattress is key. Luckily, with the rise of super convenient mattress-in-a-box brands, the options are endless and easy to peruse. The problem is that most of these companies are digital which means that it's unlikely you'll get to try a mattress before purchasing. So we decided to take the plunge for you, and try a mattress-in-a-box and report back.

Why Endy?

There are plenty of online mattress purchasing options, including Casper, Bed In A Box and Douglas. We opted for Endy for a couple of reasons. The first being it's a Canadian company that manufactures entirely in Canada (support local!). It's also the brand that was recommended to me when I was hunting for a new mattress by a few people who have already made the purchase. The company is also expanding pretty quickly, now offering up pillows and sheets as well to really complete the Endy sleeping experience.

Here's what you need to know about picking up an Endy mattress.

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How does the purchase work?

Once you decide on the size you need (twin up to California king), you order from Endy's online store. Since you'll likely be buying the mattress without testing it and sight unseen, the company has a generous return policy. Not only are there no shipping fees when buying, you are free to return your mattress within the 100-day trial period if you're unhappy with the purchase.

Your Endy mattress will arrive in a box that is heavy, but much more easy to manoeuvre than a full-size mattress. Although you can get it shipped to your home and it can be left in a discreet area if you're not home, I live on a main street in downtown Toronto, and so I had the mattress shipped to my office. When my husband picked me up, we were able to fit the box comfortably in the back seat of the car.

What is the unboxing process?

Unboxing was extremely easy. The mattress is vacuum-sealed in the box, so when you take it out of the box it unfolds and then once you remove the plastic packaging it begins to expand. It happens super quickly and easily, especially if you place the mattress on your bed frame or box spring before removing the plastic. Once it's on your bed, the mattress will continue to expand for a couple hours until it reaches its full density. Remember, this is a foam mattress so there are no springs to worry about when unboxing.

Is it a good mattress?

I have heard that some people take a little bit to acclimatize to a foam mattress if they have only slept on spring mattresses before. Endy's mattress is three layers of foam. The top layer is all about comfort and temperature control and it's super soft. The middle later is transitional and is more firm than the first, offering up a bit more support. The base layer is super supportive. It's a high-density foam that makes sure your posture and body are correctly supported. 

But what you really want to know is, do I like it? The short version? I love this mattress. It's comfortable and cloud-like but I still feel super supported—which is important because I often suffer from neck and back pain. The fact that I wake up feeling less stiff is a huge win. I'm also a fan of the fact that if my husband or I have a restless night, the other person doesn't feel every movement as much. This is probably partly due to the fact that we have more space (we went from a double to a Queen), but the brand also notes that its foam is designed to minimize motion transfer. While it's not the hazy days of summer yet in my airconditioner-less bedroom, I am also noticing a more comfortable, cooler sleep on nights when I feel like I'm running hot—the real test will be during a heatwave, but I have high hopes.

How much is it?

One of the great things about an Endy mattress is the price. All sizes are under $1,000—which is something I hadn't really seen before learning about the brand—and there are financing options.

Twin: $675
Twin XL: $745
Full: $820
Queen: $895
King: $995
California King: $995

The bottom line?

I'm a big fan of this mattress and am annoyed I lived so long without it. It offers support without being hard and is comfy without making me feel like I'm sinking. I basically recommend this mattress to anyone who asks. The whole online process was super easy, and I'm so glad we picked Endy, because I'm actually in love with my bed. 



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We tried it: Endy, mattress-in-a-box