Weight Loss

A motivating weight-loss success story

A motivating weight-loss success story

Photography: Ryan Brook/TC Media Image by: Photography: Ryan Brook/TC Media Author: Canadian Living

Weight Loss

A motivating weight-loss success story

Age: 20
Occupation: theatre student, York University, Toronto
Previous weight: 176 lb
New weight: 160 lb
Time period: May 2011 through August 2011. She has maintained it ever since.

Check out Stephanie's 'before' photo here.

Where she started
"I hit rock bottom when I didn't get into the acting stream of my program at the end of my first year of university," says Stephanie. "I was so stressed and focused on acting, but was struggling with time management. I would eat to avoid things."

How she did it
She worked with a personal trainer and addressed her emotional eating. "I have the skills in the gym now, but expressing myself helps me get to know myself so that I can get better," she says.

Stephanie also journals and posts on Twitter and Facebook to keep herself accountable. She even posted a photo of herself in her underwear on her Facebook page with an inspiring message about body image.

Where she is now
"I have developed a passion for health, and can eyeball portion sizes and calorie counts." High-intensity CrossFit-style workouts, which include kickboxing, empower her to keep going.

"I look different, but I can still do so much more," says Stephanie. She hopes to lose another 10 pounds by the end of the year.

Lessons she learned
• "You have to like what you're eating or you won't create a reality that will be lifelong."  
• "If you're hungry, eat. Skipping meals slows down metabolism."
• If she eats something indulgent, she acknowledges it and moves on. "Let it go: It's a new day."
Drink water – and lots of it. "I aim for seven bottles a day."

This story was originally titled "She Did it" in the September 2012 issue.
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Weight Loss

A motivating weight-loss success story