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Best Air Purifier (2023) : Choose the One that Fits your Needs

The 3 Best Air Purifier (2023)


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Best Air Purifier (2023) : Choose the One that Fits your Needs

Air purifiers filter and purify ambient air. Designed to be used indoors, these devices treat tobacco smoke, pollen, fine particles and dust mites in order to eliminate these pollutants that are invisible to the naked eye.

Air purifiers are available at Canadian Tire, Costco, Walmart and most major retail chains. They help limit the spread of harmful elements and thus prevent asthma attacks, allergies and other respiratory discomforts, especially for children, the elderly or those with health problems. In addition, they eliminate bad odours associated with animals or cigarettes, among others.

Core Mini Air Purifier

Compact and discreet, Integrated Aromatherapy, Low room coverage

If you're looking for a portable air purifier model, this is the one to get. It has a working capacity of up to 178 square feet despite its small size, and its three filters absorb odours, particles and allergens effectively. This Levoit Core Mini model is the air purifier that best fits small rooms like a small bedroom or office.

If you are looking for a purifier for a small room, then the Core Mini could be an excellent choice for you. However, for a larger room of 100 square feet or more, we recommend you look at the Coway AirMega 200M or the Levoit Core 400S.

$69.99 | See the product →




IKEA offers the FÖRNUFTIG air purifier

Elegant and discreet, wall-mounted, for the size of a room

True to form, the Swedish giant has developed an air purifier that blends in perfectly with the decor. The sleek design and gray fabric covering are quite discreet, allowing you to slip the air purifier into your decor without disturbing it. You can hang it on the wall or leave it on its stand so you can carry it around your room. It is available in white and black as well.

$79.99 | See the product →



BLUEAIR Blue 411 Air Purifier  

Extremely Quiet, Design, but not suitable for large spaces

This quiet air purifier is easy to use: a single button turns it on and off. Ideal for small spaces, such as a child's room or an office, it contains three fans and a HEPASilent filter that removes 99.97% of harmful particles from ambient air up to 161 square feet.

The unique compact design of this Blueair 411 air purifier makes it a relatively attractive choice. You can quickly move it from one room to another, and its design will allow you to integrate it into almost any environment in your home. In short, with only one button for its use this model is ultra simple to use, you turn it on and it works!

$189.99 | See the product → 





Bloom™ Air Purifier

Perfect for large spaces, up to 1,517 square feet. And, available in a variety of colours.

Dupray, a Canadian company, launches its new invention to purify and beautify your space. The Bloom™, a medical-grade air purifier stands discreetly and efficiently eliminating 99.97% of airborne pollutants in the home, thanks to its intelligent medical grade HEPA-13 air filtration technology. It's the promise of fresh, healthy air without having to compromise your room's decor.

$299.99 | See the product → 





Dyson Purifier Cool TP07

Compatible with voice assistants, discreet sleep mode, Very elegant

This is a luxury model with tons of options! Aesthetically pleasing, this air purifier combines the power of a fan with that of a purifier to offer an extremely efficient 2-in-1 model. The device has 10 different speeds, can oscillate 360 degrees and includes a really discreet night mode. On the tech side, this air purifier is compatible with all voice assistants like Google Assistant, offers great customization via its mobile app and comes with a remote control if needed.

This model has all the standard features of Dyson air purifiers including digital display, Wi-fi connection, remote control and smartphone connectivity. The biggest drawback of this air purifier is its price, if you are looking for a high quality air purifier and are willing to invest for a high performance model, the Dyson TP07 can be a perfect fit for you.

$699. | See the product →


Dyson Purifier Cool TP07









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Best Air Purifier (2023) : Choose the One that Fits your Needs