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Create a living space in your backyard

Create a living space in your backyard

Author: Canadian Living

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Create a living space in your backyard

When decorating your outdoor living space, treat your garden in the same way that you would approach your interior – by considering light, colour, texture, pattern and comfort.

• Creating an outdoor living space can be as simple as placing a group of chairs facing each other in an open area where you gather with friends to relax over a cool drink or stargaze on a warm summer night.

• Physically connect your home to your garden with French doors or sliding glass doors for a clear view of your garden.  

• Choose a colour scheme of no more than three colours. Mirror interior colours for a natural transition from house to garden.

• Furnish with pieces that suit the purpose of the space. Use weather-resistant fabrics and furnishings.

• Build garden structures for protection from the elements.  

• Lighting in the garden is just as important as it is indoors and adds function and esthetics to the space. Burn candles safely and protect them from the wind by placing them inside glass-paned lanterns and hurricanes. Install low-voltage lighting to accent the garden and provide task lighting in dining and cooking areas.

• No garden is complete without the soothing sounds of water. Even the smallest water feature will enhance the setting of any garden room.

• Mix it up and fill pots with annuals, tropicals and perennials.

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Create a living space in your backyard