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Discover fabulous expert tips for decorating your home for the holidays

Discover fabulous expert tips for decorating your home for the holidays

Author: Canadian Living

Home & Garden

Discover fabulous expert tips for decorating your home for the holidays

It's that time of year, and chances are your thoughts are full of Christmas decorating ideas, holiday cookies and gifts for loved ones. It's a busy time of year, no doubt, but it’s also beautiful.

When it comes to making your home beautiful for the holidays, there’s no shortage of ways to turn it into a decorated delight. We checked in with Toronto designer Cheryl Torrenueva www.cheryltorrenueva.com for her best Christmas decorating tips.

CanadianLiving.com: What are some of the trends when it comes to decorating for Christmas this year?
Cheryl Torrenueva: There are a couple of trends that are definitely attainable with a more relaxed approach to Christmas decor. A lot of retailers are introducing items that work well with your everyday decor and will last longer than one season, which I love!

Sculptural floral arrangements made of eucalyptus and magnolia leaves, mixed with pomegranate and pepperberries are a great update to using typical wreathes. Natural bark and branches that are dipped in metallic paint add a modern twist and you will see this in candelabras, vases and decorative accessories.

Transparency and translucency in glassware is a must. Whether it's traditional cut crystal or vintage colour-washed vases, it's important to have as many as you can to create a glamorous yet simple focal point in the room. And lastly, curved lines and larger shapes are big this year and you will see this in ornaments, so remember to add this trend to your already existing pieces.

CL.com: We know red and green are the popular Christmas colours but what other Christmas colour combinations are hot this season?
CT: Red and green combinations definitely get you in the Christmas spirit, but this year we're seeing these colours injected with some life! Here are my top three picks for this holiday season:

If you want to create a more romantic setting, try taking the red palette and introduce warm shades of orange, rust and aubergine to give a spicy feel to your decor. Always add metallic colours for some instant glam and in this case, brushed and antique gold would be great. Create an edible centerpiece with anything from pomegranates to eggplant or berries and finish it off with a few small floral bouquets.Energy
If you're looking for a fun way to get the family excited, try a juicy chartreuse green mixed with various shades of teal. Introduce natural wood touches and complete the look with some silver accents. Incorporate natural materials like grasses, branches and shells and you can display them in various heights of clear glassware, adding simple details with coloured ribbon.

If you want a modern, sophisticated look, create high contrast with an all white and black palette mixed with pewter and mercury metallic finishes. Add lots of crystal and mirrored accents, and create lots of visual interest with white feather wreaths and pinstriped patterned napkins. All of the metallics can be added with candlesticks and cutlery. This is a great time to showcase a crystal collection that has been hidden way for years.

CL.com: What accessories really help to create that Christmas feeling at home?
CT: To create a warm and welcoming Christmas feel, don't just think about what you see. Try using natural elements that will also add to the sense of smell (like pine, cedar and paperwhite flowers). Try adding a personal touch for your family and guests with miniature picture frames used as place card holders or ornaments. These are a great way to display fun photos and encourage a walk down memory lane.

CL.com: What kinds of ornaments really make a Christmas tree fabulous?
CT: When I think of a fabulous Christmas tree, I immediately think of one frosted with lots of sparkle and jewels. I like to keep the accent colour down to one and in this case it would be hits of black with lots of metallic and crystal. An easy way to get this look is by using mirrored hanging strands (available at westelm.com, which will add some reflection to your space – especially when the lights are turned on. Last year, I found great chandelier and sculptural turned ornaments in black glass, and they added some drama. And of course, you need lots of cut crystal pieces. Plastic versions are available, which will help keep you on budget.

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Discover fabulous expert tips for decorating your home for the holidays