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Fabulous ways to dress up your table for fall

Fabulous ways to dress up your table for fall

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Fabulous ways to dress up your table for fall

October gets off to a great start with the arrival of Thanksgiving and from there, it's straight into the holidays, the busiest entertaining season of the year. And while the holidays are popular for decorating your home, what about decorating your tabletop?

As you gather friends and family around your table in gratitude and celebration, delight them with a table that is carefully and thoughtfully dressed.

We checked in with Sabrina Bordo, general manager of TrendexHome.com to find out what's hot this fall. Plus, she provides tips on keeping your entertaining eco-friendly, too! Here's what Sabrina has to say:

What kinds of trends are we seeing when it comes to fall tabletop decor?
Rich, saturated colors, lots of texture and mixing patterns with solids.

What colour palettes / colour combinations are hot this year, that can be used when setting your fall table?
There are lots of combinations that look great. Try:

• Deep spice, aubergine with muted gold accents
• Dark chocolate with blue and gray accents
• Olive green, aubergine and softer greens as accents
• Deep burgundy with spice and muted golds
• Dark chocolate, taupe and natural

And there is always the standby of a white or ivory with any of the above colors as accents.

Are there any trends or anything new in flatware, serving ware, glassware, etc.?
There has been a change from traditional round shapes to any other shapes like squares and triangles. And the casual look is being dressed up with dressier accessories. Also, look for non-matching items for effortless elegance; put together a look that doesn't look too put together!

Can you provide a few suggestions for beautiful tabletop decorating ideas?
Use things that you already have in your home. Display three or four of your favourite vases of different heights. Use complementary colours of fresh flowers for a simple and stunning arrangement.

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Using the same principles as above, use three or four vases and/or glass bowls and fill them with different colours and sizes of ornaments, fruits, leaves or anything with colour and texture that will create visual excitement.

Your guests are all unique; why not celebrate their individuality? Use different patterns and/or colours of napkin rings that match their unique personalities. Are they simple or sophisticated? Fun or formal? Unpredictable or conservative? Show them you care with a customized tabletop.

Spruce up your table with candles and linens
• Candles are always a dramatic and cost effective way to make a statement. Use votives at each place setting with a name card and emphasize beautiful table linens for a classy and simple look. Or go more dramatic and cluster your favourite candlesticks of varying heights and looks as a centerpiece. Use colours that complement or match your dishes, glasses and table linens.

• Nothing brings subtle sophistication to your table like a well-selected runner. Use one the length of the table plus 12 inches to hang over the edge as the perfect centerpiece. If you're using a solid tablecloth or place mats, make sure to jazz it up with a festive pattern. If you have a patterned look already, use a vibrant solid runner that picks up on one of the colours in your runner.

• Use two napkins instead of one with a napkin ring, placing a solid napkin inside, and a more decorative napkin on the outside.

Dos and don'ts for setting your fall table
Do what feels right for the mood. A casual gathering calls for a relaxed setting. A formal meal should feel that way at the table.

Don't worry. The new rule is that there are no rules. There is not a wrong or right way to set your table.

7 tips for eco-friendly entertaining
1. Use what you already own and add new things as accents.

2. If you own a great tablecloth, add new mats napkins or runners as accents.

3. Use flowers, leaves and fruits that can last beyond your table setting needs for extra enjoyment. Then eat the fruit, and compost the flowers and leaves.

4. If you're going to purchase things, invest in items that you love so you'll reuse them in the future.

5. Look for products that are made of recycled materials.

6. Use wipe-clean place mats to avoid excessive laundering.

7. Save energy and create ambience by using candles as your centrepiece.

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Natalie Bahadur is the editor of styleathome.com. She is a regular contributor to CanadianLiving.com.


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Fabulous ways to dress up your table for fall