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Glamorous home decor ideas for the holidays

Glamorous home decor ideas for the holidays

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Glamorous home decor ideas for the holidays

We know sparkles and metallic colours may be the first things you think of when you hear the words "holiday glam," but Laura Stein of Laura Stein Interiors, Inc. reminds us that sophistication and glamour can be so much more.

That's why we spoke to her about creating sleek holiday looks, because -- believe it or not -- you can create unique holiday decor with simply a few candles and ornaments, and what you can find outdoors.

Here are her top 6 tips to achieve a chic and glamorous home without exhausting your whole holiday budget.

1. Keep decor subtle
Your holiday decor will make more of an impact if you use less of it, says Stein.

"A lot of people tend to throw up tons of lights and colours, and that actually takes away from the glamour," she explains. "For something to be really sophisticated you just want a hint of it. That little bit that's unexpected -- that's what makes it special."

2. Don't concentrate on only one area
Stein also stresses the importance of making your holiday decor "flow" to create a subtle, sophisticated vibe.

"You want everything to flow," she explains. "The idea is to make sure you repeat it throughout your home so that it's not all concentrated in one spot. It takes your eye around the room and elevates the level of it, so just add a hint of it everywhere."

3. Group inexpensive items together to create a striking centrepiece
Using only a few candles or ornaments, you can create a warm -- and glam -- effect.

"Grouping is important," Stein maintains. "You can take five or seven candles in different sizes and the same colour, then group them together in the centre of the coffee table and wrap a ribbon around the base, and you've got a simple centrepiece."

"Another great look is filling a glass bowl or a hurricane with ornaments," she suggests. "Buy a package of ornaments and put them in a glass container, and then display them on a table or a mantel. You can even use a vase you already own."

4. Don't shy away from DIY
Sophistication is still possible when using your kids' art or homemade projects as decor.

"There's so much colour and energy in the art that kids create," says Stein. "Use your kids' art to create a colour scheme, then [add] really neutral decor. Imagine a tree with all those little kid-made ornaments and then maybe the only other thing on it is fake white snow and lights."

5. Choose a colour scheme
Stein recommends choosing a colour scheme rather than going colour crazy.

"There's a lot of great trend colours, like turquoise and purple and bright pink, and those are really fun to incorporate, but make sure to choose a colour scheme," she says. "And make sure it works with the rest of your home. What you bring in should really coordinate with what you already have. And if you use those bright colours, pair them with neutrals [like] white and cream, which are gorgeous in the winter."

6. Bring nature inside
Pinecones and sticks don't necessarily have to look rustic, says Stein. "Bringing in nature is inexpensive and creates warmth," she explains. "If you can use natural garlands as opposed to the plastic ones, it adds freshness."

"You can group pinecones together in a bowl, and that's all you need," she suggests. "Or [place] tall branches in a tall vase and hang ornaments on them, which can be your tree if you live in a small, contemporary space."

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Glamorous home decor ideas for the holidays