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Holiday decor: 10 expert tips

Holiday decor: 10 expert tips

Author: Canadian Living

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Holiday decor: 10 expert tips

Thinking about which Christmas decorations to display in your home come the holidays can be a fun task, putting your creativity to use. With the help of HomeSense spokesperson Colleen Uncao, we've put together 10 holiday decor tips that will inspire you to create a beautifully festive space.

Top 10 holiday decor tips
1. Lighting the tree

Ideally you should use 100 lights for every vertical foot of tree. To get the best effect, start form the base of the tree and work your way up, wrapping every major branch with lights from the trunk to the tip.

2. No room for a tree?
No problem! Indoor tree lights can also be used to add an extra-festive sparkle to wreaths, mantels and mirrors.

3. Decorating with string lights

Avoid hanging string lights like patio lanterns inside your home. You can use them to trim features inside such as windows or mantels, but avoid stretching the strands across vast open spaces.

4. Be creative with your garlands

Think outside of the box: Driftwood strands and rustic pine cone garlands to ultra glamorous combinations of feathers and sparkling florals can all be used as Christmas decorations.

5. Hanging
garlands properly
Fine wire or fishing string works well for banisters, while fasteners like 3M hooks will support garlands without damaging walls, windows or door frames.

6. Decorate with the latest colour trends

This year, autumnal hues and jewel tones are key colour trends. Try warm brown, rich yellow, burnt orange, purple and emerald.

7. Decorating the tree
Start with a theme. Hang your more basic Christmas decorations first (solid-coloured balls, for example), placing them evenly around the tree. Then finish by accenting with your more special and detailed pieces.

8. Incorporate a theme
Start by adding just a few pieces around the house to get a feel for how your theme will suit your space and existing Christmas decorations. Remember, often a subtle nod offered through one or two trendy pieces in each room of the home is all you need to update your holiday decor.

9. Decorating on a budget
In addition to traditional holiday decor items, get crafty with the kids this season to add a unique and unexpected festive flare to your home. Handmade Christmas decorations are inexpensive to make and will have great sentimental value in the years to come.

10. Storing decorations
Plastic storage bins are ideal for storing garlands. Not only will they keep dust and moisture at bay, but if packed spaciously enough, they’ll protect the shape of the garlands so that next season only minimal tweaking will be required.

Here are 10 beautiful holiday decorations that will get you inspired to make your home festive this holiday season.

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Holiday decor: 10 expert tips