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Home craft projects you can make in a weekend

Home craft projects you can make in a weekend

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Home & Garden

Home craft projects you can make in a weekend

Make the most of a weekend and spruce up your home with one of our most popular weekend home craft projects.

Whether you're looking to add a little oomph to a room inside your house, or would rather spend time adding to your yard, you'll find plenty of inspiration with these home craft projects. Take a look at our easy step-by-step instructions to make a unique path throughout your garden in our photo gallery. You'll also find expert instructions for making a gorgeous outdoor garden arbour. Add a crawling vine to your arbour for a soft, romantic look.

If it's the indoors you'd like to work on, start with a refresh in the bedroom. Our photographic headboard is an easy way to add impact to your room. Tip: try to find an image with soothing colours such as light greens, blues or pinks to add a serene feel. A little wallpaper can also go a long way in making an impact in your house. Gone are the days of floor-to-ceiling wallpaper in small, two-tone prints. Pick up a couple rolls of modern wallpaper in a strong, graphic print and then read the designer tips below for an easy update.

Photo gallery: Weekend garden path craft project

A step-by-step guide to mixing and moulding your own garden path.

There's something empowering about mixing up a batch of concrete and transforming the runny, lumpy mess into a smooth decorative form. Concrete (a mixture of cement, sand and gravel) can be cast in any size or configuration, to construct everything from bridges and skyscrapers to garden ornaments and outdoor furniture, too.

Home craft project: Photographic headboard

Turn your favourite photographs into a fabulous headboard.

To make a headboard for a double- or queen-size bed, you will need a piece of plywood that’s about 24 to 30 inches high x 49 to 60 inches long.

You will need a piece of printed canvas that’s 8 inches longer on each dimension ([height plus 8 inches] x [length plus 8 inches]) than your plywood.

Choose a photograph for printing. A digital image of water, sky or a landscape, or a collage of images, would work well. Or you could choose a favourite childhood photo and have a photography store, such as Blacks, scan it into digital format.

Wallpaper 101: How to hang wallpaper

Ready to update your decor with wallpaper? Learn how to hang wallpaper like a pro.

You love the look of the fabulous new wall coverings, but you're still nervous about hanging them. Have no fear. Application and removal -- no steamer, no scraper -- of the latest generation of wall coverings is easier than ever. And, once they're up, they're more durable, thanks to new materials, such as Super Vinyl and Sanitas (a cotton/paper blend.) Andra Matusevics, Merchant for Decor at Home Depot, shares tips that will help things go smoothly, even for first-time paperhangers.

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Home & Garden

Home craft projects you can make in a weekend