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How To Get Your Home & Property Ready For Spring

How To Get Your Home & Property Ready For Spring

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How To Get Your Home & Property Ready For Spring

Whether you have a small front yard or a big plot of land, now's the time to put in the work so you can enjoy your property all summer long.

Here are some quick and easy steps to spruce up your yard for summer.

Lawn & grounds maintenance

  • Collect dead leaves and debris
  • Prune your perennials while they're still dormant
  • Properly ventilate your lawn
  • Spread grass seed and fertilize two-three weeks after ventilation
  • Mow your grass as soon as it is green to help aerate and form new shoots
  • Plan eco-friendly lawn and gardening ideas
  • Prune your flowering trees and shrubs, such as lilacs and magnolias, as soon as their spring flowering ends
  • After the last frost, plant bare root shrubs and summer bulbs


Storage & Shed

  • Clean your patio furniture and landscaping equipment
  • Throughly wash all cushions and textiles
  • Shake outdoor rugs and let them hang in the breeze for a day or two
  • Check your gardening tools. Test your hose for leaks



  • Clean and refill bird feeders
  • Clean and refill outdoor water fountains, small ponds and bird baths 
  • Set up audio speakers and any outdoor technology


Patio & Outdoor Dining

  • Wash your concrete slabs. If your patio is made of wood, consider brushing it to clean it—we promise the work will pay off!
  • Arrange your outdoor dining set
  • Clean your grill and any other cooking equipment
  • If you have a pet, add bowls in a shady spot for them to drink out of
  • Treat yourself and add something new—a reading chair, umbrella, barstools


Flowers & Gardening

  • Get out your gardening clothes and tools
  • Divide perennials that bloom later in the season
  • Remove dead and damaged plant parts
  • Fertilize your soil and add mulch to flowerbeds
  • If there's a risk of frost, cover your flowers and more fragile plants
  • Transition your delicate plants to the outdoors

Now you're ready to enjoy your outdoor space! From here on out, a quick weekly maintenance check is all you need to do.




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How To Get Your Home & Property Ready For Spring