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L'eau and behold

L'eau and behold

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L'eau and behold

Create a small, soothing waterfall and bring serenity into any space.

Multicoloured glazed ceramic bowl, about 15 cm tall x 12.5 cm in diameter
One-colour glazed dish or bonsai planter, about 5 cm tall x 10.5 cm
in diameter
Submersible pump with spout (available at some nurseries) that's small enough to fit into bottom half of bowl
Safety goggles, dust mask, drill and masonry bit that accommodates spout (all optional)
Smooth pebbles

1. Set pump's water-flow regulator to lowest setting. Place pump inside bowl with spout off-centre and close to side of bowl. Pour in enough water to cover pump's intake valve.

2. If necessary, drill centred hole for spout through base of dish, wearing safety goggles and mask; wipe off dust.

3. Fit hole over spout; angle dish on pump to conceal electrical cord and rest against side of bowl.

4. Arrange pebbles in dish, as desired, to conceal spout.

5. Plug in pump to check water flow; fine-tune placement of pebbles for visual and acoustic appeal and increase flow, if desired.

• If desired, fit short length of plastic tube (available where you purchase the pump) over the spout to extend height.
• Instead of pebbles, you can use small polished stones, glass marbles or shells.
• Place the finished waterfall at the back of the tabletop and near an electrical outlet so the cord is hidden.
• Ensure that the pump is always submerged; check the water level each time you turn it on.

Your fountain and feng shui
Having an indoor fountain may help to boost your career. Practitioners of feng shui believe that the judicious placement of buildings, and everything in them, can create harmony with the energy of the environment and result in an improved life.

The words feng shui (pronounced feng shwa, fung shui or fung shuway) mean wind and water. Traditionally taught and practised in the Far East, feng shui began as a method of finding proper sites for graves and gradually came to encompass homes.

According to feng shui, areas of the home (or office) relate to certain spheres of human life, such as wisdom, creativity and relationships. Feng shui keeps energy, called chi, flowing through your environment and counteracts negative sectors of your home (or office) by stimulating the chi through the placement of furnishings or objects. Feng shui can also focus the type of energy you want in your life.

In feng shui, water represents the journey through career as well as life. Since still water causes stagnation, a bubbling fountain will help keep your career moving forward and your life running smoothly.

Adapted from Creative Tabletop Fountains (Lark, 2003) by Marthe Le Van. Distributed in Canada by Canadian Manda Group.


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L'eau and behold