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Paint-dipped canning jar pendants you can create

Paint-dipped canning jar pendants you can create

Photography by Ryan Brook/TC Media Image by: Photography by Ryan Brook/TC Media Author: Canadian Living

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Paint-dipped canning jar pendants you can create

Although canning jars are most commonly repurposed as quaint drinking glasses or vases, these versatile vessels have recently been popping up as pendant lights in some of the country’s most posh restaurants. Hung in multiples at different lengths, these pretty paint-dipped stunners are perfect for bringing a bit of sparkle to a dark corner. And they are ideally suited for a cramped cottage; unlike table lamps, they won’t take up precious room on a nightstand.

You'll need (for each):
Latex rust-coat paint (we used Beautitone paint in Flair 801, beautitone.ca)
1 large glass canning jar with aluminum lid and screw-top ring
1 Hemma lighting cord set (ikea.ca)
1 low-watt Energy Star–rated compact fluorescent lightbulb
Bucket or pail
Empty wine bottle
Felt-tipped marker
Utility scissors
Drill or awl

To make:

1. Pour paint into clean bucket that’s slightly larger in diameter than jar. Remove ring and lid from jar. Dip jar in paint, open end first and holding level to prevent paint from flowing inside, until one-third is covered.

2. Remove jar from paint; hang upside down on wine bottle to drip-dry overnight.

3. Centre socket end of lighting cord set on jar lid; using marker, trace outline on lid. Using scissors, cut hole in lid.

4. Using drill, punch ventilation holes (approximately 1⁄2 inch apart) around circumference of lid. Feed lighting cord socket through screw-top ring of jar, then slide lid around socket. Secure lid in place by screwing on lighting set socket ring.

5. Screw in lightbulb. Feed socket and lightbulb into jar; tighten jar ring. Following manufacturer’s instructions, hang completed pendant using hooks provided in cord set; plug into wall socket.

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This story was originally titled "Go North!" in the July 2013 issue.

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Home & Garden

Paint-dipped canning jar pendants you can create