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Patio furniture: Make your own umbrella stand

Patio furniture: Make your own umbrella stand

Author: Canadian Living

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Patio furniture: Make your own umbrella stand

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This table is a terrific addition to any backyard that doesn't have much shade. Just place it wherever you wish to create a cool oasis, then pop in the umbrella. Designed by Jim Gilmour; stained by Heather Gilmour Herbert.

You need:
• Umbrella with pole and standard-size weighted stand
• Three 8-foot pressure-treated or cedar 2 x 6s for tabletop, sides and legs
Mitre saw and table saw
• Drill, 1/4-inch and 3/4-inch bits
• 2-inch spade bit or hole saw (must accommodate umbrella-pole diameter)
• 2-1/2-inch and 2-inch No. 8 flathead wood screws, galvanized or brass, and screwdriver
• Sandpaper: 100 grit
• Exterior grade latex paint in desired colour (we used Para Paints colour Blue Cheese No. B689-2, then sealed entire surface with raincoat Ultra V223 Exterior Oil Natural Wood Finish)
• Paintbrush, 2 to 3 inches wide
• Container for mixing paint
• Clean rags

Refer to
diagram throughout.

To make:
1. Using mitre saw with blade set at 22-degree angle, cut mitre as shown at each end of each table side. On flat surface, arrange table sides into octagon; using two 2-inch screws for each join, screw together mitred ends.

2. On flat surface, lay tabletop pieces, side by side (leave small gaps between them for drainage); on these, position flat octagon. Trace inside edge of octagon to mark cutting lines of 4 angled tabletop pieces. Set octagon aside and, using table saw, cut tabletop pieces.

3. On flat surface, place octagon, then position tabletop pieces inside. Using 2-1/2-inch screws, screw tabletop in place, working from outside, approx 3/4 inch up from eventual tabletop edge.

4. Set table-leg ends against underside of top where indicated by blue rectangles on diagram; using four 2-1/2-inch screws for each join, screw legs in place from inside. Set table upright. Using spade bit, drill centre hole through tabletop.

5. Lightly sand. Paint, stain and/or seal as desired. Let dry. Set table over.
For each colour, mix 1 part paint with 1 part water to make transparent stain. Brush on, then wipe off excess with rag. When dry, apply coat of clear sealer.

Designer's tip: Predrill all holes. To countersink screws, drill all screw holes with the smaller drill bit. Then, with the larger bit drill 1/4-inch deep funnel shape at open end of each hole, to accommodate thickness of screw head.

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Patio furniture: Make your own umbrella stand