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Personalized hangers for baby

Personalized hangers for baby

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Personalized hangers for baby

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Tools and materials
• Child-size wooden hangers
• Fine-grade sandpaper
• Masking tape
• Scrap paper
• Water-based spray primer
• Water-based spray paint in desired colour
• Computer-generated monogram, clip art, or hand-drawn monogram
• EZ Crafts Pressure-fax? transfer pen and paper (or similar product)
• Paper scissors
• Scotch tape (optional)
• Spoon or other burnishing tool, such as a bone folder
• Extra fine-tipped paint pen in desired colour for monogram
• Spray acrylic sealer in matte finish
• Decorative ribbon, 1/3 yd. for each hanger
• Craft glue (optional)

Monogrammed hangers
Make it personal with a suite of monogrammed hangers destined to become an instant heirloom. Transfer paper and a fine-tipped paint pen allow beginners to get professional-looking results with ease.

1. Lightly sand the hangers to remove any lacquer and then wipe them clean with a dry rag. Cover the hooks with masking tape to avoid getting paint on them. Apply a thin layer of primer on one side of the hangers; let dry for 20 to 30 minutes and repeat on the other side.

2. Once the hangers are dry to the touch, spray them with two coats of spray paint, allowing the first coat to dry for 20 to 30 minutes before adding the second coat. Let the hangers dry fully, according to the manufacturer's instructions, before proceeding.

3. Make a transfer using your monogram and the transfer pen and paper. If your monogram is computer generated, print out the monogram as a mirror, or reverse, image. (If your printer software doesn't have a mirror setting, print your monogram on a piece of vellum or other translucent paper that allows you to trace the monogram on the back side of the paper.) If you're using a hand-drawn or clip-art monogram, the image will also need to be traced in reverse so that when it's applied to the hanger, the initial will be transferred properly. Cut out a piece of transfer paper slightly larger than your monogram and place it over your monogram. Use the transfer pen to trace over the monogram (remember, the resulting monogram should be backward).

4. Turn the transfer, ink-side down, onto the surface of your hanger in the desired location. Add a piece of masking or Scotch tape over the back of the transfer paper to hold it in place. Rub firmly over the transfer paper with the back of a spoon or other burnishing tool to transfer the image to the hanger. Use the tape as a hinge to lift the paper up on one side (without removing it) and check to see that the image has fully transferred. If not, reposition the paper and rub over it again. Remove the transfer paper and set it aside (most transfers can be used a couple of times).

5. Use the fine-tipped paint pen to trace over the transferred image, filling in all desired areas with the paint. Allow the monogram to dry thoroughly, according to the instructions on the paint pen.

6. Spray the hanger with two light coats of acrylic sealer, allowing 15 to 20 minutes of dry time between coats.

7. Remove the masking tape from the hook and tie a bow around the top for embellishment. If desired, add some craft glue to the bottom of the bow to secure it to the hanger.

Just your style
If you have leftover scrapbook paper or wallpaper from baby's room, transform ordinary hangers in a snap. (Click here to view image.)

Follow the instructions for the monogrammed hanger to sand and paint the hangers. Trace each hanger onto the paper side of a PEELnSTICK double-sided adhesive sheet and cut it out. Remove the shiny side of the adhesive and adhere it to the wrong side of the patterned paper, then cut it out. Finally, remove the paper backing from the patterned paper and attach it to the hanger. Sand the edges with an emery board and seal the hanger with spray acrylic sealer. Embellish the hanger as desired.


Excerpted from B is for Baby by Suzonne Stirling, with photos by Mary Ellen Bartley. Copyright 2006 by Suzonne Stirling. Excerpted with permission from The Taunton Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced except with permission in writing from the publisher.



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Personalized hangers for baby