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Quiz: What's your decor personality?

Quiz: What's your decor personality?

Author: Canadian Living

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Quiz: What's your decor personality?

When it comes to decorating your home, you know what you like. And you know what you don't like. But have you ever determined just what your decor personality is? Take our fun, 10-question quiz to find out what decor style suits you best. Keep track of your answers and discover your decor personality on the next page.

1. If you had an unlimited budget to spend on redecorating your home, you’d head straight to:
a. Ikea
b. Urban Barn
c. etsy.com
d. Restoration Hardware

2. Shopping for a new sofa, you're immediately drawn to:
a. Something low and sleek in a neutral colour
b. Something with overstuffed cushions and large rolled arms
c. Something more unexpected, like a divan
d. A standard, three-cushion sofa upholstered with a pretty floral fabric

3. What are you most likely to hang on the walls of your home?
a. Your own photography
b. Black and white photography by an artist you love
c. Retro-inspired prints
d. Paintings by classic artists, such as Vincent van Gogh or Claude Monet

4. You're entertaining friends. What are you most likely to use as a centrepiece?
a. Candles in hurricane vases
b. Peonies in a low vase
c. A bowl of lemons
d. Tapered candlesticks

5. When it comes to throw cushions, your opinion is:
a. Just a few in structured shapes, carefully placed on the sofa
b. The more the merrier, especially in luxe fabrics like silk and satin
c. You can live with them or without them
d. Just two on either end of the sofa in a matching colour or pattern

6. You're shopping for a new bedroom set. You're drawn to:
a. A low platform bed in white or cream
b. A simple bed frame with a tufted fabric headboard
c. Distressed furniture and mismatched pieces
d. Large pieces in dark, mahogany wood

7. What kind of flooring do you like best?
a. Cork
b. Chocolate-colour bamboo flooring
c. Shag carpeting
d. A light, red oak hardwood

8. What kind of occasional chair would you opt for in your home?
a. A Fritz Hansen "Egg" chair
b. A chaise longue
c. A Queen Anne chair
d. An oversize leather club chair

9. If you could redecorate your bathroom, the one thing you'd really love to indulge in is:
a. Dramatic wallpaper
b. A crystal chandelier
c. A clawfoot tub
d. Marble countertops

10. If you could describe your bedroom in one word, it would be:
a. Calm
b. Luxurious
c. Eclectic
d. Simple

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If you answered mostly As: Modern chic
You've got a modern sensibility all the way. You like contemporary furnishings with clean lines and unfussy finishes. You don’t like clutter and prefer a more minimalist style. But you like bold statements on your walls, such as abstract or contemporary art, displayed in eye-catching black frames. You like structure and order in your home, but also have an eye for the dramatic – wallpaper, for instance. For more inspiration to mix up your modern tastes, check out this beautiful Vancouver home.

If you answered mostly Bs: Glamorous
You just love glamour! You love high shine, reflective surfaces and anything that gives your home that feeling of luxury. Textures and finishes are important to you – you appreciate the luxe feeling of satin and the look of crystal sparkling from an elegant chandelier. You know that simple and inexpensive accessories such as fresh flowers and white candles can add instant glamour to your home. Get more tips for going glam here!

If you answered mostly Cs: Veritable vintage
You love pieces that have a history to them – or at least are inspired by history. You've got a no-muss, no-fuss approach to decorating, which gives your home an effortlessly breezy and beautiful feel. You prefer handmade items to those purchased at big-box stores and you’re known for making unexpected choices in your home decor. Get inspiration for your style from this West Coast home that puts a modern spin on vintage.

If you answered mostly Ds: Traditional taste
You have a classic and traditional approach to design and decor. You pride yourself on carefully choosing pieces you love and that will have longevity in your home. You favour dark woods to lighter ones, and you prefer solid furniture that’s got meat on its bones rather than the bare, minimalist lines of more modern decor. But "traditional" doesn't have to mean "old-fashioned." There are many ways to put a contemporary spin on the things you love. Check out this kitchen, decorated in a "new traditional" style for inspiration!

Find more great decor inspiration here.

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Quiz: What's your decor personality?