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Spring decorating ideas for 2012

Spring decorating ideas for 2012

Author: Canadian Living

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Spring decorating ideas for 2012

Who's ready to spring into spring? After a long, dull and dreary winter, there's nothing better than welcoming spring -- both indoors and out! And as life starts to bloom outside, why not bring that feeling of revival and rejuvenation into your home with accessories that will put a smile on your face.

Wondering what spring decorating trends are hot this season? We checked in with Emily Staunton, a senior product developer with Loblaw Companies Ltd., to find out what's hot in home decor for spring 2012.

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Spring home decor trends
Most of us don't redecorate our homes every year, let alone every season. But simple changes and inexpensive updates can really help revitalize your living space, and make it feel fresh and new. And you don't have to spend a bundle to do it. Simply get creative with what you already own, and pick up a few accent pieces to help you pull the look together.

According to Staunton, layers of tonal textures and combinations of prints in the same colour palette are a hot look for spring 2012. She also says we'll see a lot of graphic elements on ceramics, linens and plastics this season.

Hot colour combinations
"Shades of citrus green with high-contrasting neutrals" will be popular this year, says Staunton, as well as cooler neutrals such as cream and white or grey and charcoal. In terms of colour combinations that work particularly well, she says to be on the lookout for pale citrus green and pale aqua combined with a hit of yellow.

Fabric and accessories
Printed textures are hot this season, as are tonal neutral wallpapers, which Staunton says add texture and warmth to a space. Add interest to your decor with glass vases and ceramics in whites or neutrals, she suggests. "Whimsical icons or themes play throughout decor items and patterns, keeping it light and fun," says Staunton.

How to get the look
"Incorporate prints into neutral spaces to add a sense of freshness and change of season," says Staunton. "Hits of colour can make the space feel new and different, and it's easy to do with accessories such as vases, cushions and throws."

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The season's must-have look
If you update your decor with just one thing, you can give your space an instant injection of current style. Staunton suggests adding printed and whimsical tea towels to update your kitchen, or printed and woven cushions in the trending colours of pale citrus green, grey and pale blue to update your living room. The season's trendiest patterns include block-print florals, lattice print, crewel ikat and woven stripes.

5 spring decorating dos and don'ts
Staunton offers up these five tips to help you make the most of the spring season at home:

1. Don't keep your Christmas decorations up!
2. Do de-clutter your space for spring.
3. Do use accessories to update the space, such as trays, throws, candles and vases.
4. Do use colour to change your space and add freshness to the room.
5. Don't be afraid to mix colours and textures.

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Natalie Bahadur is the senior editor of styleathome.com and a contributor to canadianliving.com.


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Spring decorating ideas for 2012