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Top 10 tools every woman needs

Top 10 tools every woman needs

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Top 10 tools every woman needs

When Marilyn Monroe said that diamonds were a girl's best friend, it was obvious that the blonde bombshell never had to unclog her toilet or hang a picture above her couch. Had she, Marilyn would have realized that a well-stocked toolbox is really what every woman needs.

Whether you live in a four-bedroom house or a bachelor apartment, setting yourself up with some basic tools is a smart decision. Most of us likely keep our kitchen stocked with all the cooking gadgets and gismos we need, but don't think of shopping for a good hammer or set of screwdrivers. Even if you share your home with a handyman (or someone who fancies himself as handy) becoming fluent in the language of do-it-yourself is sure to fill you with a sense of resourcefulness and confidence. Not to mention that lots of home projects greatly benefit from a woman's touch.

The next time something needs tightening, trimming, adjusting or measuring, you'll be glad you have these tools on hand:

Your basic, 16 oz. claw hammer is what you'll need for hanging pictures and small carpentry projects.

For starters, pick up three sizes (small, medium and large) of slotted (a single, flat head), Phillips (star head) and Robertson (square head) screwdrivers. Or look for an all-in-one screwdriver that comes with interchangeable heads.

Different jobs call for different sizes, so have both a small and medium wrench on hand. Choose wrenches that are adjustable for ease of use.

Having needle-nose and tongue-and-groove pliers means you'll be able to ply just about anything from where it doesn't belong.

We're not talking about cutting trees down here, just keeping a small saw handy for carpentry projects and cutting through tougher materials.

Exacto/utility knife
Ideal for slicing up cardboard, thin sheeting and wallpaper. Spare blades ensure that you'll always do a sharp job.

Don't rely on the naked eye to judge whether a shelf is hanging straight. This handy tool will ensure that all your pictures go up picture perfect.

Measuring tape
Whether you're figuring out how wide your new living room rug should be or how many 5x5 tiles you need for your kitchen backsplash, your trusty tape will always size things up just right.

You won't know how desperately you need one of these until the first time you need it. This usually occurs sometime around 3 o'clock in the morning, leaving you desperately searching for a 24-hour hardware store.

Do-it-yourself guide
Books like The Black & Decker Complete Photo Guide to Home Improvements can be a bible for do-it-yourselfers. Look for a book that covers all the basic home repairs, has plenty of step-by-step directions, uses layman's terms and pictures for each project.

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Top 10 tools every woman needs