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Where the pros shop for affordable rugs

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Where the pros shop for affordable rugs

Oriental rug from eCarpetGallery

My latest home buy: a Persian rug from eCarpetGallery. It looks like a million bucks, but I snagged it for a song! Photography by Brett Walther.

I've been on the hunt for a handsome Persian rug for, well, most of my adult life.

The only thing holding me back recently has been my budget, which is currently stretched to the max with a fall wedding on the horizon.

When I mentioned my design dilemma to pal Karl Lohnes, the savvy-shopper and Canada AM design expert knew exactly where I should be focussing my hunt: "E-Carpet Gallery," he said, shocked that I'd never considered it before.

Although I'd heard about the budget-friendly e-tailer before, I was a bit wary of it. Initially, I had issues with dropping mad cash on a rug that I hadn't actually seen in the flesh. As I scrolled through the site, though, four things eventually won me over:

1. A wicked return policy: Basically, the rug is yours to try out for 30-days, with a no-questions-asked option to return or exchange.

2. Amazing price tags: We're talking large scale antique rugs for $1,000. I've legitimately never seen bargains like this before.

3. The extensive selection: The inventory is absolutely huge, and the size, colour and style search filters help narrow down the SKUs to help you find *exactly* what you're looking for.

4. Shipping deals: Sign up for the E-Carpet Gallery newsletter, and you'll get alerts for free shipping to major urban centres. (I took advantage of this myself!)

So, just a little over a week later, and I've got the rug of my dreams--that 7-by-9 foot stunner above--for just over $400. Jackpot!

Would you ever try an etailer for a big-ticket item like an area rug? I'd love to hear from you in the Comments section below!

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Home & Garden

Where the pros shop for affordable rugs