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17 beautiful ways to make floral work in any home

17 beautiful ways to make floral work in any home

Photography by Elijah Hoffman for Caitlin Wilson Design

Decor & Renovation

17 beautiful ways to make floral work in any home

Florals add colour, pattern and a touch of feminine style to any interior. And while a vase full of fresh flowers may do the trick, they don't last forever. So here's how to introduce this long-standing trend into your decor according to your design style: mild, medium or bold.


If you want to test this trend, introduce florals to your space  with throw cushions or bedding. Experiment by combining the  existing patterns in your decor with new pieces featuring blooms—just remember to vary the scale of the designs for visual interest. Small-scale florals mixed with stripes will give a Scandinavian vibe, while oversize  florals paired with geometrics feel more modern.

Where to try it: On an occasional chair, a sofa or a bed.

Sweet dreams
Spring is about fresh starts, so trade your bedding for a pretty floral option. Look for a pattern with a not-too-bright palette, like this combination of grey, coral and green, to give the space a casual yet sophisticated update.


Mirana bedding, $68 to $228,

Make a statement
Think of cushions as mini works of art (that are much easier to move around!). This bold pillow makes a statement while pulling together the colours from the chair and the drapery-panel trim.



1. We love this cushion's vibrant blooms.


Peony-print pillow cover,  $40,

2. This pastel option has a playful vibe—and it's a two-for-one deal! 


Coral Wildflower + Pickupstix reversible pillow cover, $30,

3. Pair this cushion with a vibrant yellow geometric pattern.


Oasis pillow cover, $85,



Drapes and rugs are good ways to take it up a notch—they're easy to switch up and don't have to be big investments. Choose a medium to large design for window treatments; it will feel more modern and less fussy than the mini florals we've seen in the past.

Where to try it: As drapery in a dining room or a kitchen, or as a rug in a guest bedroom.

Window of opportunity: Floral window treatments add a soft graphic element to any room.

Eastern Charm fabric in Hibiscus, $36 per yard,

In the dark
The black background of this abstract rug grounds the room. It's the perfect contrast to the light and airy space.

null Photography by Graham Yelton


1. This bright carpet adds a playful hit of pattern underfoot, and its thick pile will help dampen sound. 


Doftranka rug, $60,

2. This abstract option is made from hand-tufted polyester.


World Menagerie Maastricht area rug, $117 to $1,252,

3. When you step on this beauty, you'll feel like you're walking on a work of art. 


Bloom study rug, $198 to $1,298,



If you love the idea of filling a room with blooms, floral wallpaper and upholstered furniture have major impact. The trick to not tiring of the look? Choose a pattern in a colour palette that ties into what's happening in the rest of the house, and keep the other designs in the space simple so the florals aren't competing with anything else.

Where to try it: An accent wall in a living room, wrapped around the walls of a guest bedroom or a powder room, or on an upholstered chair in the entranceway. 

Photography by Elijah Hoffman

Into the blue
This wildflower wallpaper may be bold, but it works perfectly in the space, thanks to the muted colours of the furniture and accessories, which tie the look together.





1. This watercolour option gives your walls an artful update. Wildflower Study wallpaper, $168 per roll,

2. Soft colours and a painterly pattern lend a traditional feel. Cutesie Floral wallpaper, $92 per panel,

3. A dark background gives a modern moody vibe. Midnight Floral removable fabric wallpaper, $58 to $116 per roll,

4. Bring a bedroom to life with these shades of blue and pink. English Garden wallpaper, $243 per double roll,



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Decor & Renovation

17 beautiful ways to make floral work in any home